$10,000 Opinion Outpost International Scholarship 2021

In this article, I will give you full details on how to get a $10,000 opinion outpost international scholarship, eligibility requirements, and deadlines.

A Brief Story About opinion Outpost scholarship

Opinion Outpost is offering an international contest that is sponsored by Survey Sampling International, LLC. Participants take part in a daily survey and will be eligible for participation in the quarterly raffle. Every quarter, a winner is awarded $10,000.

The contest is open to all Contest will be open only to all members who are registered on a Survey Sampling International (“SSI”) panel or an affiliated managed by SSI in Canada, the United States, or Canada. The prizes are paid in cash or in the form of equivalent.

Opinion Outpost is a free online service that connects companies and corporations with their clients.

Responding to surveys for money online through Opinion Outpost, you will be able to easily and quickly earn cash from your home. You can also add your favorite brands to adapt and grow simply by providing your feedback.


What You Should Know About Opinion Outpost Scholarship

Level/Field of Study

Opinion Outpost The scholarship is available to all students anywhere in Canada, USA, or Columbia. If you’re not eligible for this scholarship because of your academic level.

Host Nationality

Opposition Outpost Award is available within both the USA as well as Canada. There are also US Scholarships for International Students in the year 2021. You can take advantage of these scholarship opportunities to address the majority of your academic problems.

Eligible Nationality

It is an International Survey Sampling Prize draw that is open to all legal residents in Canada in addition to those of the 50 (50) United States (and the District of Columbia) who are part of a Survey Sampling International Panel. (“SSI”).

What is the average amount of Opinion Outpost Scholarship pay?

Canada Prizes: Four (4) Canada Prizes (one (1) per Entry Period): $1,250 CAD.
Total Value of Canada Prizes: $5,000 CAD.
United States Prizes: Four (4) United States Prizes (one
(1) per Entry Period): $10,000 USD.

Total Value of United States Prizes: $40,000 USD.

Eligibility for opinions Outpost Scholarship 2021

  • It is an International Survey Sampling Prize draw that is open to all legal residents from Canada as well as those of the 50 (50) United States (and the District of Columbia) who are members of the Survey Sampling International Panel. (“SSI”). or an affiliate panel managed by SSI located in or in the US and Canada that is in compliance with the minimum requirements for each panel.
  • Employers who work for Survey Sampling International, LLC, Hello World, Inc., and their parent, subsidiary, and affiliate companies, as well as their vendors, suppliers, and agents, as well as their spouses and children, are not ineligible.
  • It is subject to the laws and regulations in force and is invalid when it is prohibited.

How to Apply for Opinion Outpost Scholarship 2021

  1. To take part in the raffle it is necessary to be a participant on the panel.
  2. See & Privacy.pdf for a list of panels with one or more panels in your country.
  3. The company collects information from those who visit any of their websites or take part in surveys for consumers (“panels”). Every participant who is eligible should have their own e-mail address that is distinct from the email address of an eligible participant. Anyone who tries to obtain entries that contain multiple identities, email addresses, or registrations or in any other way, is invalid for all entries submitted by the Participant.


Opinion Outpost Scholarship 2021 Application Deadline

Complete the application before June 30.

Application Link

For more information on Opinion Outpost’s scholarship, click here. Opinion Outpost scholarship, visit the website for the
scholarship and submit an application

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