Stegner Fellowship 2022

Stegner Fellowship Program is an award for two years of creative writing at Stanford University.

The award is named for American Wallace Stegner (1909–1993) an author, historian, novelist, and short-story writer environmentalist also a Stanford professor who established the university’s creative writing program.

The fellowships are awarded each year, including five in the realm of fiction and five in poetry. The recipients don’t need any degree in order to qualify for the fellowships, but many of them already have the advanced M.F.A. Degree in the field of creative writing.

In a workshop-based program, there is no award of a degree following an initial two years of fellowship. Before 1990, a number of fellows were also enrolled in Stanford’s long-gone M.A. course in writing creatively.

Candidates receive a stipend amounting to $43,000 annually, along with health insurance as well as their tuition fees for Stanford Fellows are required to reside close to Stanford in order to take part in all workshops in addition to other department-related readings and activities.

Brief About Stegner Fellowship

The Stegner Wallace provides writers with an annual living stipend of $37,000 year for a period of two years.

When awarding fellowships, what are considered to be the level of work produced by applicants? Potential for growth in the future as well as the capacity to contribute to as well as benefit from an in-house writing program. Stanford creative writing students vary in style and experience, with a dazzling seriousness shared by everyone.

To Apply Writers Must Supply:

  • biographical details, including education history and publishing information, including publication history (if there is any)
  • contact details for two recommenders (letters of recommendation that have not been accepted)
  • A statement of plans that is at least 1000 words that will give the selection committee an idea of the reason they’re applying for the fellowship.
  • A manuscript of their writing, approximately nine thousand words to write fiction, or between 10 and 15 pages of poetry
  • A fee of $85 for application (waivers are available)

The applicants can only submit their applications in only one genre – poetry or fiction. concurrent applications can disqualify the author completely.

Application Process Of Stegner Fellowship

Applications are not accepted until September 1st and must be submitted via the internet or postmarked before December 1 to consider the applications. In the event that December 1 falls during a holiday weekend, then the date of submission will be the Tuesday closest to December 1.

The application online will close at 11:59 PM PST on 12/1. Be aware that this time will be 2:59 AM EST on 12/2.

To apply, you must provide your personal information about your background, the contact details of two people who will be able to assess your ability to be a workshop participant (we do not require a letter of recommendations), and an essay (not over 9000 words for fiction and no more than fifteen pages of poems) and a written statement of plans not longer 1,000 words.

What Is Stegner Fellowship Application Fee?

Application Fees is US$85.

When you apply online, you must pay for the application using a credit card. If you are applying via mail, please include an unpaid cheque or money order with the address Stanford University.

Do You Grant Fee Waivers?

Yes. There is a section in the online application in which you can make a request for the waiver of fees. We will not consider fees that are not waived prior to the deadline. Stegner submission deadline.

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Stegner Fellowship Awards

Fellowships offer the possibility of a living salary. Health insurance and tuition are provided through The Creative Writing Program. This Stegner Fellowship is an academic full-time commitment. It is not designed to be completed concurrently with a degree program. Fellows must be located close to Stanford in order to take part in readings, workshops, and other activities.

Eligibility For Stegner Fellowship

The Stegner Fellowship is one of the fellowships that are highly sought-after by creatives since it is among the most prestigious fellowships for writers available. To be eligible as a candidate for the fellowship, one must meet the criteria listed below.

  • A degree or test is not needed to gain admission to the fellowship.
  • The writing school is not more favored than the other.
  • Chronological age does not have any significance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can be awarded the Stegner Fellowship?

Anyone who is interested in an award is invited to submit an application. However, please note the fact that prior book publications could indicate that to an Admissions Committee a career that has grown beyond where the workshop and instruction critiques that are essential to the Stegner Fellowship are most useful for the development of a writer.

What are Stegner fellows doing?

The Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford is among the most competitive programs for creative writing across the country. The fellowship, available to two exceptional writers every year, awards an annual stipend of $26,000 for each fellow during the academic year. It also includes the cost of tuition as well as health insurance.

Do Stegner fellows teach?

Contrary to other fellowships, the Stegner Fellows are not required to teach during their participation in the program in the sense that Stanford views the fellows as “working artists, intent upon practicing and perfecting their craft.” The fellowships come with a living stipend of $18,000, and mandatory workshops that cost approximately $6,000

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