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SALON SO 37-38




๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ๐ŸŒน SALON SO ๐ŸŒน


ย  ย  BOOK ONE ๐Ÿ“–

Story & written by

Mommyn fareesa

ย  ย ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ37&38

……….jikin zakiyya nata kakkarwa gudun kar aganota”saidai kashhhh!yasmeen tadawo” sbd manta wayarta datayi” tana turo k’ofar ta hangota tana zubawa”hakan yasa yasmeen tayi saurin yin baya”atsorace zakiyya tajuyo”taga bbu kowa”taji ana knocking d’in k’ofar”hakan yasa tayi saurin direwa ta Inda ta shigo…..ahaukan ta bbu wanda yaganta”

ย  ย  ย  ย  bed room d’in anty ta wuce tana sakin ajiyar zuciya”anty na tsaye tana sauraron dawowar zakiyya”sbd akan Idonta ta hango yasmeen ta fita”hakan yasa tayi zaton zakiyya nacan na gabatar da aikin data sakata”hakan yasa tadawo bed room d’in ta zaman jiranta”

ina fatan komai yyi daidai?”cewar anty tana kallonta”

ย  ย  “Eh mama komai yyi nazuba bbu wanda yaganni”

shewa anty amarya tasaki kafin tace”.zan nunawa Aliyu niba kanwar lasa bace”duk wanda yashiga gonata sai yyi dana sani”

yanzun mama naji yace ma y’ar iskar me aikinsa”wanka zaiyi yatafi masjeed”daya dawo zaisha sob’o d’in”

yauwa to yanzun abinda nakeso dake kije kiyi wanka”nizan tafi main parlourn naga fitarsa da dawowarsa”nasan imaan itama sannan ta tafi islamiya”sai kawai kitafi sashen”inhar yasha alokacin abuk’ace zai kasance”ki afka masa”sannan kimun flashing”zanzo dani dasu me kuka sbd suzama shaida”

ย  ย  ย Kinga idan hakan yafaru zankira alh yazo yagani yaga kuma shaida”kinga zai gazgata maganar jidda”

sannan zance wlh bazan yardaba yalalata miki rayuwa dole ya aureki”kinga alh zai yarda”kafin ayi auren mugama dashi yadawo sai yadda mukayi dashi….zakiyya tafad’a jikin anty amarya tana jin wani irin farin ciki”

ย  ย kafin ta cikata ta wuce toilet”tana ayyanawa aranta yau zata lashi zumar mr Aliyu”yau zataji dad’in sa”tajima tanajin sha’awarsa aranta”fatanta yasha sob’on nan”sbd maganin tado sha’awane tazuba aciki me kuma k’arfi ne….

yasmeen kuwa najin shiru bayan tagama knocking d’in”

saita turo k’ofar kad’an talek’o taga bbu kowa”atake ranta yabata kodai maganin mutuwa zakiyya ta zuba masa?”

Cikin fad’uwar gaba yasmeen ta Ida shigowa cikin parlourn”wayarta dake gefen kujera ta d’auka”ta wuce bed room d’in sa tana knocking”amma shiru”afili tace yashiga wankan kenan”

Jug d’in yasmeen ta d’auka ta rik’e a hannunta ta zauna kan kujera”

Tafi 10 minit azaune amma shiru mr Aliyu be fitoba”tashi tsaye tayi taje tadinga knocking”

Tsaki mr Aliyu dake tsaye gaban mirror yana tsane kansa yaja” sbd bemayi zatonย  yasmeen bace”

Jallabiya da boxer yasaka batare daya tambayi ko waye ba yamurd’a k’ofar”

Ido hud’u sukayi da yasmeen”saurin yin k’asa tayi da kanta”kallon jug d’in hannunta yyi”

Ahankali yace”.dama baki tafiba?”tayaya zantafi yaya Aliyu?da akwai matsala wlh”

fitowa ya idayi dg bed room d’in”tad’an janye ya wuce”yana cewa meke faruwa ne?”

binsa tayi cikin parlourn”tafara sanar masa abinda yaga zakiyya tayi….kafin ta d’ora da cewa Allah yasa yaya Aliyu ba maganin mutuwane ta sakamaka ba”bana fatan hakan yafaru amma kasan tunda nice na had’a sob’o d’in dole azargeni”

Kinga karki damu koma miye Allah yafisu”jeki zubar dashi a toilet kije can d’akin ku kiyi sallah kidawo inason mgn dake”d’ago kanta tayi suka had’a ido”saikuma ta sunkuyar da kanta ak’asa”menene?”yafad’a Ahankali”nibanaso wani abu yafaru dakai…bbu abinda zai faru yasmeen kinjiko?karki damu”dato yasmeen ta amsa tana tashi tsaye tafice da jug d’in a hannunta”

ย  ย  ย sosai mr Aliyu ke nazarin abun”kafin yyi saurin tashi ya wuce bathroom d’in sa”yakunna TV”yashiga sashen cikin gidan”sai gashi har lab’ewar da zakiyya tayi da shigowarta duk yagani” da zuwanta bed room d’in anty”kawai dai baiga meye suka tattauna da anty ba?sbd iya main parlourn ne da parlourn antyn da haraban gidan zuwa bayan gidan ctv d’in ke d’auka”ba’a yi setting dacan bed room d’in anty ba”sbd babuma wanda yasan da CTV camera agidan “dg daddy sai mr Aliyu da shine da kansa yasakata”

ko mai be shafaba”yarufe k’ofar sashensa yafita sbd yaje masjeed yin la’asar”

Anty na zaune a main parlour”wani kallo yamata yana murmushi ya wuce”

sosai taji gabanta nata fad’uwa”tadai daure tana anan zaune har yadawo ya wuce”

Hakan yasa anty amarya tashi ta shiga ciki…

yasmeen nabarin b’angaren sa ta wuce kitchen ta zubar da sob’o d’in a sink ta wanke jug d’in”kafin ta wuce bed room d’in imaan”

tana k’okarin shiga imaan ta fito da yunifoam na islamiya ajikinta”

Lahhh anty yasmeen baki tafi ba?”Eh imaan zanyi salla ne”

To nina tafi islamiyar”saikin dawo to”dg haka kowa yyi Inda zashi”

yasmeen na idar da sallar gabanta nata fad’uwa ta fito main parlour tasamesa”

yacanza kaya ajikinsa yana latsa wayar sa”yaya Aliyu!d’ago kansa yyi yakalleta yasakar mata murmushi”kafin yace”yesss my yasmeeen!

Ashagwab’e tace”.ni yau bazanje islamiya ba?”

Eh mana”dandai yau d’aya kinyi fashi”kinga yanzun 4:38 pm kafin kije gida 5 ta wuce ma”

shiru tayi kanta ak’asa”zoki zauna to”yafad’a Ahankali yana nuna mata kusa dashi”

batayi mgn ba tazo gefensa ta zauna” ahankali yace”.inaso ki zauna har zuwa time d’in da zakiyya zata shigo sbd ta tabbatar abinda ta zuba yyi aiki ko beyiba”

nidai yaya Aliyu inajin tsoro kar sumin wani abu dan Allah”bbu abinda zasuyi miki yasmeen indai ina raye karki damu”nina d’auka ke jarumace ashe matsoraciya ce?”

yana fad’in hakan yatashi tsaye ya nufi bed room d’in sa”

TV yakunna yashiga parlournn anty”atake anty da zakiyya suka bayyana atsaye acikin parlourn ta”anty nacewa maza kije nasan yanzun maganin yafara aiki ajikinsa”

Amma mama idan be shabafa ?”sai kiyi masa burgar imaan kikazo nema”balle zaisha tunda kinji yace zai sha d’in….nidai fatana karki barsa da komai na jikinsa”yadda damun iso kowa zai d’auka fyad’e yamiki…..iya nan mr Aliyu yasaurara yakashe TV d’in yana wani irin mugun murmushi”dama yafara zargin kodai maganin saka feeling ne?kuma azatonsa kodan sbd yab’ata yasmeen ne suka saka”amma yanzun yagama gano manufar su…

Atake maganganun khaleel suka dawo masa ak’wanya”abokina kabar yarinyar nan k’ila ma adalilinta kasan wani abu nacikin gidanku dake a b’oye….

tabbas hakane gashi nafara gani”yana fad’in hakan yayi saurin fitowa dg bed room d’in”

yasmeen na azaune Inda yabarta”ahankali Tace”.dan Allah kamun wata alfarma?”indai akan namaido salim ne baza ki samuba”

yafad’a yana k’ok’arin zama gefenta”shiru tayi batace komaiba”

meyasa wani time d’in kikeson b’acin raina?”

kayi hak’uri nibanyi zaton wannan maganar zata b’ata maka raiba”

ni raina be b’aci ba”amma nasan ke zakiyi ta fushi ko?”fushin me zanyi dakai yaya Aliyu?”shikenan ya wuce”tafad’a tana murmushi”

Yanata kallon ta yace”.idan kinkoma gidan meye zakiyi ?”bbu komai”kawai dai ina zaton k’ila mahaifin sanusi yaje”

Koma yaje kobe jeba bbu maganar sakinsa sai yagane kuransa”

yasmeen na k’ok’arin mgn zakiyya ta turo k’ofar”tana sanye da kayan dasuka fito mata da suran jikinta”

Wani irin mugun fad’uwar gaba taji”sbd yadda tagansu zaune da alama fira sukeyi”

hakan yatabbatar mata be sha sob’o d’in ba”tana sake maida kallonta ga mr Aliyu”taga yana mata murmushi!abinda b’ata tab’a ganin yanayi ba”

yasmeen kuwa d’auke kanta tayi tanuna batasan da shigowar zakiyyar ba”k’asan ranta tana jin zafin mr Aliyu yakalli zakiyya da kayan jikinta”



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