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Stanford University Free Online Courses

Below is the guidelines to Apply for Stanford University Free Online Courses

Stanford University now offers free online courses that are accessible from anywhere in the world, all of which are online and free of charge. Stanford University is one of the top-ranked universities in the world located in the USA.

Across the United States and around the world, Stanford’s student body represents diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. A total of 1,700 freshmen and 30 transfer students are admitted to Stanford University each year.

A candidate’s academic excellence, intellectual vigor, and personal circumstances are assessed. In the USA, there are hundreds of students who apply every year for Stanford university scholarships.

Top Free Stanford University Free Online Courses

Please find below the list of all Stanford free online courses that are available to you.

1. Computer Sciences:

There are 12 computer science courses available to students. Among the topics covered will be Computer Science 101, Algorithms, Game Theory, Cryptography, and more.

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2. Cyber Security:

As a student, you will be able to learn advanced cryptography and cyber security techniques.

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3. Data Science:

During the program, students will have the opportunity to learn 9 courses, including Database technologies, Mining Massive Data, and R programming.

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4. Education:

This class will cover concepts fundamental to math and assessments needed for the NGSS Classroom. Almost all of the courses are offered for free and are available online.

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5. Engineering:

There are several special courses included in this section, including Introduction to the Internet of Things, Logic and Quantum Mechanics, and many other topics.

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6. health and Medicine:

There are more than 35 courses that are designed specifically for health and medicine professionals. There is no charge for any of the courses, and everyone is welcome to attend.

There are a number of courses offered in medicine, including Antibiotic Stewardship, Child Nutrition and Cooking, Healthcare worker training, studies in medicine, medicine training, health across gender, health after cancer, tapering patients off chronic opioid therapy, human rights for women, food and health, HBV/HCV, Molecular Foundation of Medicine, Nets 101, Public and Patients, Nursing Courses, Infection Stories, and much more.

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7. Humanities and Science:

Courses related to Humanities, Social Science, and Languages will all be available for students to choose from. Among the free courses you can find are Love as a Force for Social Justice, Languages, Social and Economic Networks, and Audio Signal Processing for Music.

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8. Design your Career:

Through videos and personal reflections and exercises, the course demonstrates five career-oriented vocational way finding concepts.

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How to apply for Standford University free Online courses?

Stanford University free online courses account

Students can take all courses for free. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose the course you want to take.
  2. Create a StanfordConnection account if you do not already have one.
  3. You can start at any time by going to the Courses section.

In the above list of 98 courses, Stanford University provides free courses for students. You should enroll yourself now in all courses, since they are all very important.

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