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[5/29, 09:35] maryamatus saadatuπŸ’™β£οΈπŸ’”β£οΈβ£οΈπŸ’šπŸ’•: πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

 *maryamatus saadatu*

        *yayar mijina na aura*😊😊😊

    copyright by maryamatus saadatuπŸ’šπŸ’š


πŸ–ŠοΈ meenal na kwance tanata faman juyi jikinta duk ya mace ga mararta tanata kada mata tarasa meke damunta.tamike tanata faman jiri tasa hannu ta bude murfin kofar akwance take hannunta dauke da wayar zamani tana binta da murmishi …tanaganinta tamike da fara.a oyoyo my pleasure kintashi kenan takalleta ta yamutsa fuska tare da fadin .auty sapna yunwa nake ji sosai ga cikina ciwo yake takalleta sosai ina ne yake miki ciwo tasa hannu tadafa mararta tayi dariya mai daukar hankali tace meenal kozakiyi bakon watane ta girgiza kai tana shirin zama ..tasa hannu tariketa kam ajikinta tare da fadin haba meenal sau nawa zan fadamiki kidena yawan saka tunanin najilil aranki kidauke ni tamkar nice najilil tazaro idanuwa tare dafadin aa auty sapna mijina fa yana daukar nauyi na akomai kuma yafendo tace miji shine akan gaba .
tadago kanta takalleta tasa hannu tana shafan saman gashinta idanuwanta suka kada sukai jahur alamun tana jin feeling tayi saurin kauda kanta meenal wanan gashin naki yana daukar mun ido tayi dariya haba auty sapna to zan sanmiki tamike taja hannunta sukai toilet ta matsi makilin tabata jikinta duk ya mace yasalam tafurta tana numfashi sama sama ina sonki meenal tafada akasan zuciyarta ,,meenal tadago kai daidai kokacin da kirjinta yabaiyyana sosai tafito a fulaninta sapna ta furgice tare dafadin washh meenal meyasa bakison saka kayan dazai miki daidai wanan rigar ai tamiki yawa tayi rau.rau da idanuwa auty sapna idan nasa riga mai matse jiki sai inji nonona yana mun zafi ta karyar dakai tare dafadin zan koya miki yadda zaki sa kinji ta daga kai tare da dafin yaushe zaki kaini gurin mijina tayi murmishi tare dafadin mijinki yabarmun ke komai ni zan miki zan baki kowacce kulawa kinji zan banki duk abunda kikeso har goyo zanmiki kinji meenal dina.

washe gari sapna tatashi da fita office dan haka tashirya a gaugace tafita dakin meenal akwance take da alamun baccin yayi mata dadi tasa hannu tashafi saman cikinta tare da kissing dinta asaman bakinta tatura kofar tafita driver yajata suka ficeπŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

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[5/30, 09:37] maryamatus saadatuπŸ’™β£οΈπŸ’”β£οΈβ£οΈπŸ’šπŸ’•: πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

         *maryamatus saadatu*

         *yayar mijina na aura*😊😊😊


copyright by maryamatus saadatu

πŸ–ŠοΈsuna isa office din ta makale jakarta gefe tashiga gyara gurin surar jikin meenal yanata yimata yawo a kwakwalwa tanumfasa tare dakaukar cup na ruwa ta sha sanan ta,ajiye tacigaba da aikinta amma jikinta duk amace yake

   acan bangaran gombe yafeendo na zaune tana casar hatsi mairoji tashigo tana wake wake kugunta dauke da dammara hannuta guda karane ta hangado kofar tare da tsayawa cak ..yafeendo tace haba mairoji yau ina sallamar kuma ta yamutsa fuska nifa bazan dauki wanan furar ba yau tunda nayi nayi kikaini naje naga meenal abinni kinki dan haka bandaukar wanan furar yafeendo ta kureta da ido tare da fadin har na aurar da meenal bata tabayimun musu ba akan daukar fura ba saike tom zanje gurin baffajo din idan shi yahanaki tadauki karanta tayi  Waje 

sapna natashi daga office hankalinta yana kan takoma kan meenal sabida duk kewarta takamata,ahanyar komawa gida najilil yakirata ta amsa da hanzarinta tare dafadin oyoyo my brother nayi kewarka wlh yayi dariya tare dafadin ina kika boyemin amaryarta tayi murmishi tare da fadin amaryarka na cikin akwatu ina kula maka da ita yayi dariya tom insha allahu zanturo miki da kudi sai asaimata abinda bata dashi ta amsa ai b ayi haka idan nakarasa gida zan bata wayar sai ku gaisa ya amsa da tom shikenan
tana karasowa gidan tayi hulli da jakarta tasa hannu ta bude kofar dakin meenal akwance take tana ta faman tunani .tacire takalminta tazauna akan gadon tare da janta jikinta habawa my pleasure maiyasa kike tunani haka tajuya sosai takoma jikinta kirjinta yana gogar nata ta lumshe ido so nake kikaini gurin yafeendo na inganta tayi dariya kinaso inkaiki kiga yafendo na ta amsa da ehh to shamun bakina tayi dariya tare da fadin tom zansha kinji auty na taji sanyi aranta duk abunda nace kiyimin idan kinayi zan kaiki har giri najilil ta yashe baki gaba daya tom auty na .,tafurta tom yanzu shamun bakin nawa ba musu takafa bakinta tana sha tamkar wadda tasamu alewa haka tadinga sha b kakkautawa sapna da tuni tafada wata duniyar tadinga murza yatsanta cikin nata tana faman shafa gashinta sosai batadena shan bakinba saida taga numfashin sapn yadauke gaba daya tasa hannu tanata faman girgiza ta auty dan allah kitashi sosai take shafa jikinta bata da wata wayewa dazata dauki ruwa ta watsa mata haka ta zauna tazuba mata ido bata samu nutsuwa ba saida taga numfashinta yafara dawo wa tayi murmishi tare dafadin sannu auty na talumshe ido tare da fadin meenal bakinki dadi…..

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[5/30, 10:39] maryamatus saadatuπŸ’™β£οΈπŸ’”β£οΈβ£οΈπŸ’šπŸ’•: πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

     *yayar mijina na aura*😊



tayi murmishi habawa meenal wanan wasan yayimin dadi zaki dinga yimin irinsa tafurta ehee tamike tashiga daki tafada toilet sosai taji dadin jikinta kamar ba ita ba tatuna damijinta tayi murmishi tare dafadin zama akawai wanda zai mayemin gurbinka mijina tayi wanka ta kimtsa tashafe jikinta da turare mai kamshin gaske tagabatar da sallah sanan taja plate din abinci takasa kai loma ko guda daya duk kewar meenal tadameta ta kwala mata kira tashigo dakin sanye da tahul jikinta gashin kanta duk ya zuba kan gadon bayanta sosai ta kureta da ido.inafatan kinci abinci ko tayi dariya aa auty nakasa cin abunci fa tabude hannunta da zumar tafada haka akayi kuwa tashige hannunta tadauko cokalin tasaka mata abaki tare da fadin tauna kinji zaki iya ta kureta da ito wlh auty jikina banajin dadinsa kwata kwata takalleta tabbas tasan jikinta ne yamace mata tasa baki tadauke miyar daya makake mata akan bakinta tare da murza dan yatsanta karar wayar momy ne yakatsemata hanzari tadaga wayar cikin ladabi ..acan bangaran momy tace me sunan hajiya wai yaushene zaki kawo mun meenal mugaisa najili yace tana wajanki tasaki murmishi hakane momy ina kula da ita yadda yakamata inason nasata makaranta ma tayi cak tare dafadin a.a kidai koyamata agida kafin kikaita ta amsa da tom momy na insha allahu tadago kai takalleta bacci yana so yadauketa tana magana numfashinta yana rabuwa ..aa meenal kada kiyi bacci kinga tahul ne jikinki tayi lamo alamun dai baccin yafara daukarta ta barta jikinta har bacci yadauketa tasa hannu tashafi kirjinta wanda sukayi dam dam inasonki meenal tafurta da alamun gajiyawa tadauketa sukai daki ahaka ta kwantar da ita tasaka alawa abakinta tana tsotsa tayi lamo ajikin meenal tanata faman shafar ta wanan kenan,

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ina godiya da sauraran littafina
[5/31, 08:37] maryamatus saadatuπŸ’™β£οΈπŸ’”β£οΈβ£οΈπŸ’šπŸ’•: πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

      πŸŽ€πŸŽ€yayar mijina na auraπŸŽ€πŸŽ€

 ~hakkin mallakar maryamatus saadatu~πŸ–ŠοΈ   



πŸ–ŠοΈmeenal na farkawa taganta rungume da sapna ta juya takoma ta kakwanta wani baccin mai nauyi yadauketa. busu farkaba sai wajan 6 motsin sapna ne yatashi meenal tana farkawa ta saki murmishi tare da mikewa tsaye tana kokarin shiga toilet sapna ta kalleta kiyi alwala kawai sauran kuma nayi miki da kaina ta amsa da tom auty na tashiga toilet din tadauro alwala tazo tagabatar da sallah ajikin dadumar ta kashingida tanata faman juyi ..sapna tashigo dakin jikinta sanye da doguwar riga wadda samanta aka kawata ta net mai shekin gaske hannunta dauki da cup turirin tea ya yana tashi takarasa wajan tare da ajiye cup din ta furta ..meenal dina taho kinji ki yi break ta kalleta auty na banijin dadin jikina kwata kwata ta lumshe ido ayya my pleasure sannu kinji konakaiki asibiti ne ta girgiza kai aa auty n bani son shan magani tayi mata nuni data zauna bisa cinyarta babu musu ta dafe tare da rufe idanuwanta alamun kunya tasa hannu tadauke nata taci gaba da murza yatsunta tana son kai bakinta cikin nata tazame jikinta aa auty sapna jiya fa dakika ce nasha bakinki kika dena numfashi tayi dariya har hushiryar ta ta bayyana my pleasure dina kenan tashi muji kisanja kaya ko ta amsa da tom ..tamiki tashiga toilet itakuma sapna ta huce dakinta wankan tasheka sanan ta shirya kanta cikin wani materials wanda najilil yahada mata akayan da yasiya mata kafin yatafi sosai tayi kyau tamkar wadda aka ajiyeta adinga kallonta idanuwanta sunkuma fitowa dan karamin bakinta yanata sheki da lips ajiki tasaki gashinta tasaka wani plate din takalmi sosai tafito filaninta zam zam.tafara tafiya duk da tana hardewa amma haka take tafiya tashiga dakin sapna da murmishinta wow!! amma gaskiya kiyimin kyau abar farin cikina taho kusan kinji ta damki hannunta tana shirin shiga wani yanayi idanuwan ta sunkada sunyj jahur tamkar wadda tadade da ciwan ido tadinga binta gaba.gaba tana shinshinata tamkar zakanya duk ta haukace ta diriri ce tare da fadin mee mee nal saka bakinki cikin nawa na rokeki kinji zan baki duk abunda kikeso meenal taga halinda take ciki ta tsorata mutuka ..sapna takuma tallafarta sosai gashin kanta duk yafara hargitsewa tasaki kara mai sauti gam taji bakin sapna cikin nata tashiga furzar da yawu alamun tanasan tashiga wani yanayi ..tacigaba da jagwalgwala meenal hannuwanta suka dinga a shafa saman kirjinta sak ta tsaya tana ta faman huci tana kokarin kai bakin ta kan kirjinta tafara wasu maganganu marasa alfanuu
meenal..batasan abunda sapna ke nufi da ita ba batasan wanan harkar ba kwata kwata batasan mene wanan dinba wanan kenan….



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