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ย  ย  BOOK ONE ๐Ÿ“–

Story & written by

Mommyn fareesa

ย  ย ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ19&20

……da sauri yasmeen tayi baya”kamar zatayi kuka tace”. nidai banaso kamun pls”hmmmm!wlh garama kitsaya idan kink’i “babu abinda yadameni zan miki ta k’arfin

tsiya…. yafad’a yana matse towel d’in”dg cikin ruwan zafin,yanufi baby face na yasmeen”rintse idanuwanta tayi”hawaye na zuba ,yadinga gasa mata fuskarta baki d’aya”imaan nata mata sannu”shikuwa yanata kallonta”be dena ba saida yatabbar gurin yafara saki tukum ya ajiye bowl d’in”yasmeen tasaki ajiyar zuciya tana bud’e idanuwanta”yadena zafin?”yafad’a yana saka k’wayar idanuwansa acikin nata….janye idanuwanta tayi tana d’aga mishi kanta”kafin yadubi imaanย  yace”.zanje masjeed sai bayanย  isha’i zan dawo mekuke buk’ata ne??sbd saitaci abinci tasha magungunan gasunan”yafad’a yana ciro su dg aljihun wandon jeans d’in sa”imaan na murmushi ta amsa tace”.nidai yaya icea cream,sai fura drink,da tsire mai k’uli k’uli….agaisheki sarkin k’wadayi”yafad’a yana yiwa imaan hararar wasa”imaan na murmushi tace”.saura anty yasmeen! meye kikeso yaya yasiya miki?? ko irin nawa kikeso ne?kibarta tafad’a da bakinta mana”girgiza kanta yasmeen tayi da sauri”alamar b’ata buk’atar komai”tab’e baki yyi yace”.idan zakiyi mgn kiyi bawai kitsaya kina wani mgn da body language ba….bana buk’atar komai”nagode sosai akan hidimarka agareni”wlh damafa haka take yaya”abincin gidan nan batason ci”sai nama ce zan had’ata dakai take yarda ta d’an tsakura ta ajiye….ai kibarta imaan idan nadawo bataciba d’ura zan mata”saikace wata y’ar yarinya?cewar yasmeen tana turo baki”mecece ke inba yarinyar ba?yafad’a yana k’ok’arin barin parlourn….ย  ย  ย yasmeen na murmushi tace”.imaan biyewa yaya Aliyu zakiyi ko?

Eh mana”haba anty yasmeen munfa zama d’aya ayanzun dake”

yakamata kidinga sakin jikinki damu”wlh hankalina yakai k’arshe agun tashi d’azun”

Ai nafiki shiga tashin hankali imaan”lokacin daya rufe k’ofar mainย  parlour”dana ga yashigo anan ,har zanje na bud’e na gudu”sai na tuna idan yamiki wani abu fa?”wannan dalilin yasaka nakasa tafiya nabarki imaan”

Imaan tace”.wayyo Allah anty yasmeen”tak’arasa zancen tana Ida sanar mata yadda akayi taga meke faruwa”da yadda ta sanarwa mr Aliyu”

yasmeen tadinga mata godiya”kafin ta d’auki wayarta ta kira umma”

bayan sun gaisa tasanar mata ai imaan k’anwarsa bata lafiya”kuma baya gari shine zata kwana agunta”

sosai umma tamata nasiha akan ta kula da mutuncinta”itadai yasmeen na amsawa dato”aranta tana cewa” inbacin tsaron Allah aida yanzun angama rabani da mutuncina…

bayan sun gama wayar sukayi sallar magrib”yasmeen taje dining area taduba taga mr Aliyu beci girkin da imaan ta ajiye masaba”

Hakan yasa ta fasa zuba abincin taci”ada niyarta taci ko bbu yawa tasha maganinta tayi baccin k’arya kafin yadawo….

Ana idar da sallar isha’i”mr Aliyu ya wuce ak’afa yasiyo musu abinda imaan ta fad’a”

A hanya zaishigo gida yahadu da daddynsa”yana tareda da body guards d’in sa”

Fuskarsa bbu walwala yamatso kusa da daddy yayi hugging nasa”kafin yace”.daddy kaji abinda yaron nan aymaan yaso ya aikatawa yasmeen??”

naji Aliyu!nasan baza kayi masa sharri ba”uwarsa nata rantse rantse akan sharri aka masa”nace tabari zamuyi mgn dakai da yarinyar”

Sakin daddy yyi”cikin b’acin rai yace”.hakama zatace daddy?

Wlh matar nan da yaranta bbu Allah aransu”yafa daketa sosai sbd tak’i bashi had’in kai”saida nakira dr fahad yadubata”

subahanallahi!!abin har yakai haka”ina yarinyar take??ai tana gun imaan nace ta kwana anan”yanzun haka mahaifiyarta batasan meya faruba”

Amma muje ciki na nuna maka ta CTV camera”amma daddy karka sanarwa anty amarya akwai CTV camera anan gidan dan Allah”

Karka damu my son,muje d’in”

Atare da daddy suka shigo sashensu”bayan ya ajiye ledojin hannunsa a parlourn”a bed room d’in mr Aliyu suka shiga anan yakunna masa komai yagani….salati kawai daddy keyi”aransa yana tunanin yarasa yaya zaiyi da sameera!ย 

yasan abubuwan datake aikatawa itada yaranta be kamata ba ko kad’an” amma be iya tsawatar mata…

Mr Aliyu yace”.sbd haka daddy zaiyi zaman gidan yari da horo mai tsanani na wata 3″sannan gsky daddy dukda gidan kane amma ni aganina ya’aikata hakan akan yasmeen gobe agun wa zaisake??

gaban daddy yafad’i sbd yatuna da imaan d’insa”dayake yiwa so bana wasaba”

Daddy yace”.hakane gsky” zamansa yak’are agidan nan”

Ajiyar zuciya mr Aliyu yasaki”daddy yace”.da safe insha Allah zamuje police station d’in”

Allah yakaimu daddy”da safe ma yasmeen d’in zankirata kuyi mgn”


Amma Aliyu kana ganin b’oye wa iyayenta mafitane?kasan zancen duniya idan sukaji mahaifinta bazaiji dad’i ba”

mahaifinta yarasu ai daddy”okay Allah yaji kansa”

Ameen daddy”daddy na k’okarin fita imaan ta shigo d’akin”jikin daddy ta fad’a tana sakin kukan shagwab’a”

Autana yaya akayi ,waye yatab’amunke??”daddy nidai kar aymaan yadawo gidan nan sbd mugune”karki damu imaan bazai dawoba”yauwa daddy naje sashenka baka nan”dama kana nan?”

Eh yanzun nashigo”sakinsa tayi yakama hannuwanta suka fito dg bed room d’in”

mr Aliyu kuwa ledojin yad’auka ya wuce bed room d’in imaan”

yasmeen dake kwance tanajin motsin bud’e k’ofar tayi saurin rufe idanuwanta” tamkar me bacci”dama arufe take cikin bargo”

Kallo d’aya yamata yagane baccin k’arya takeyi”

Uhmmm kima tashi idan zaki tashi”sbd nasan ba bacci kikeyi ba”

yafad’a yana ajiye ledojin hannunsa”be zauna ba yana atsayen yafara danna waya”kafin yace”. doctor kazo kamata allura d’in babu matsala….

da sauri yasmeen ta tashi zaune”idanuwanta akansa atsorace tace”.dan Allah kayi hak’uri karyazo d’an Allah”

murmushin mugunta yasaki kafin yace”.keda kikeyin bacci”

yaba d’aya yasmeen tayi mamakin murmushin sa”sbd tunda take dashi bata tab’a ganin yamata murmushi ba”

Kinsha magun gunan?”ah ah”meyasa?bbu komai”nidai dan Allah kasaka amayar dani gida”

daji kike anan?nidai banceba”tafad’a tana fashewa da kuka”

Sosai yakafeta da manyan idanuwansa yanata kallon ta”yana mamakin meyasa kuka be mata wahala?

kinaso nasaka akaiki gida?da sauri tayi shiru tana cewa Eh”

meyasa kike son tafiya gidan?bakaine kace za’a mun allurar ba”

To yanzun nafasa ai”zaki yadda ki zauna damu?”

ย  Dama tsokanata kakeyine? tafad’a ashagwab’e,wanda ita bata san tayiba”

wani irin mugun bugawa k’irjin sa yyi”,dayaji shagwab’ar ta”

Ahankali yace”sakko to kici komai da komai”

kafin tayi mgn imaan ta shigo d’akin”

yauwa yaya ina sak’on mu?da hannu yanuna mata ledojin”

anty yasmeen sakko muci pls”nidai na k’oshi”idan kinci kisha magani”idan bataciba imaan ki kirani nasaka amata allura”yana fad’in hakan yasa kai yafita”

Adole yasmeen ta sakko sukaci naman gashashshe”tasha magungunan ta”

gaba d’aya takasa sakin jikinta agidan”imaan kuwa kat tayiwa cikinta ,kafin tayi wanka tazo gefen yasmeen ta kwanta….

Mr Aliyu kuwa tsintar kansa yayi dason ganin imaan taci abinci ko kuwa”

hakan yasa yakunna TV yadinga kallonsu itada imaan”

da yadda take tsakurar naman tamkar ammata tilas”aransa yace”. k’ila y’ar gatace agidansu”

washe gari da safe babu laifi yasmeen tajita normal”

gaba d’aya sashen suka gyara itada imaan”suka wuce kitchen had’a break fast”



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