How to make money online

Top Quick Ways for Making Money Online

Top Quick Ways for Making Money Online

An internet connection makes nearly everything accessible, regardless of location or device. If you’re looking for ways to make money immediately, consider our top picks:

  1. Complete online surveys. Make extra cash by sharing your opinions on popular survey sites.
  2. Test games and software. Provide developers with insights into their software’s user experience.
  3. Review websites. Give feedback on people’s websites to improve their usability.
  4. Try mystery shopping. Get paid to review businesses and share your experience as a customer.
  5. Sell second-hand items. Declutter your home and sell used items like clothes, appliances, and vehicles.
  6. Sell school notes. Popular among students who want to maintain good grades while earning money on the side.
  7. Do voice-over work. Lend your narration talents to commercials, trailers, and audiobooks.
  8. Monetize art and designs. Sell products bearing your designs and accept art commissions.
  9. Sell stock photos and footage. Ideal for photographers and videographers looking for a way to make passive income.
  10. Carry out small jobs. Excellent for people with limited technical skills and a few hours of free time.

Let’s take a closer look at these online money-making ideas and discuss tips to make your business successful.

1. Complete Online Surveys

The Paid Surveys page on the Swagbucks website

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few minutes – users just need to create an account
  • Age threshold: 13+ to 18+, varies among different sites
  • Time of payment: varies depending on the minimum required amount to cash out

It might sound too good to be true, but you can earn extra cash by completing surveys online during your spare time.

Many companies pay people to participate in surveys for general market research and consumer behavior analysis. These surveys help companies make business decisions, like which products to launch or where to publish advertisements.

However, not everyone can do online surveys. For example, some surveys only target specific groups of people, such as people of a certain gender, age, or occupation.

Most survey sites provide relatively low pay with a certain earnings threshold.

For example, you may make $0.50-$3/survey. But unless you reach a total of $10-$25 in earnings, you won’t be able to cash out. For these reasons, surveys are not a viable long-term way to make money online.

If the potential drawbacks don’t phase you, here are some popular survey sites:

  • Swagbucks. Watch videos, play games, and complete online surveys to earn points. Then, redeem them for cash or gift cards.
  • Survey Junkie. Help brands deliver better products and services by participating in their market surveys.
  • Harris Poll Online. Enter a rewards program by answering polls run by the survey platform.
  • QuickRewardsGet paid via PayPal by completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, completing offers, or shopping online. No minimum amount is required to cash out.

2. Test Games and Apps

Mistplay website homepage

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: minutes to hours, depending on the game’s length
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: ranging from several days to a few months after completing the game or its beta version

In 2021, the video game industry was worth $178.73 billion – a 14.4% increase from 2020.

Video games also hold the largest share of the global digital media market. As a result, many opportunities have appeared for users to make money online by testing games and other apps.

Some apps, like Mistplay, require players to perform specific tasks and collect in-game currency rewards. These rewards can be redeemed as gift cards or real-world money.

The Global Beta Test Network by Keywords Studios pays people to play games before their official release. Other online games like Givling offer real cash prizes.

However, beware of platforms that use games and apps as a front for scams to steal personal information and bank account details. While they provide an easy way to make money online, check reviews and ensure their legitimacy first.

3. Test Websites and Give Feedback

UserTesting website homepage

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few minutes – users typically need to sign up and take a quick practice test
  • Age threshold: 16+ to 18+, varies among different sites
  • Time of payment: one or two weeks after the test

If you have a keen eye for website design and development, consider becoming a website tester. It’s a great way to make money quickly and immerse yourself in the web development industry.

To test websites, you must have critical and logical thinking skills, excellent communication abilities, and knowledge of website functionality and design. These qualities can improve your job prospects and test-reporting quality.

Payments are usually project-based, and the rates differ based on the testing methods and the platform’s policy.

For example, UserTesting offers $4$120/test. Website testers who participate in live interviews with clients make more money.

Here are a few other marketplaces where people can make money online via website testing projects:

  • Ubertesters. A crowdsourced testing service focusing on websites, mobile apps, and games.
  • Userbrain. An online tool offering user experience testing for websites and digital product prototypes.
  • Testbirds. User experience testing for digital products, including eCommerce stores, mobile apps, and fitness trackers.
  • Userlytics. In addition to testing websites and apps, it offers projects focusing on reviewing video commercials.
  • Trymata. Provides usability tests for websites and mobile apps via recorded videos and survey-based written feedback.

4. Try Mystery Shopping

The Become a Shopper page on the Market Force website

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few minutes – users just need to register on the website
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: once or twice a month, varies between companies

If you love shopping, becoming a mystery shopper is an excellent way to make extra money.

Retailers and market research companies hire mystery shoppers to shop at specific locations and report on the overall consumer experience. They monitor customer service, store conditions, and product quality without the company’s employees knowing they’re being examined.

You can do some mystery shopping work remotely. For example, some jobs involve testing call center quality or evaluating an online retailer’s shopping experience.

Here are some of the most popular companies where people can sign up to be mystery shoppers:

  • Market Force. Get hired by grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and even gas station convenience shops to try their products and services.
  • BestMark. Become a field representative or evaluator to help companies improve their business operations.
  • Secret Shopper. Perform on-site or phone service evaluations for companies all over the world.

Payments for mystery shoppers vary depending on the company. For each job completed, you can get reimbursed for the items you purchased, receive vouchers and gift cards, or earn between $10$25 on average.

To avoid scams, remember that you should never pay to become a mystery shopper. And since you would be an independent contractor, companies can’t force you to take on a certain number of mystery shopper jobs.

5. Sell Second-Hand Items

thredUP website homepage

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: at least a few hours – users need to sign up on the website, take product photos, and create product listings
  • Age threshold: 18+
  • Time of payment: once every week or every ten days

Selling or renting out second-hand items is another excellent way to make money and a great motivation to start decluttering your space. Furthermore, selling used items can be a way to save money since you are only selling items you already have.

After inventorying the items you want to sell, take high-quality product photos before listing them on online marketplaces. If you plan to do this long-term, consider making a website to host your own online store.

One of the most popular second-hand items categories is clothing. The market value of the second-hand clothing industry is projected to reach $77 billion by 2026. Therefore, it’s a good time to start your own secondhand clothing store.

Many online marketplaces cater to the second-hand clothing and accessories market. Here are a few examples:

  • thredUP. An online consignment and thrift store for buying and selling high-quality secondhand clothes.
  • Etsy. An excellent marketplace to sell unique handmade or vintage items.
  • Depop. A popular platform for selling vintage and designer goods, like pre-loved T-shirts, sneakers, and jewelry.

Other than clothes and accessories, you can make good money online by selling other used items such as furniture, gadgets, sports equipment, and cars. In the United States, the used car market grew significantly in 2021 and is predicted to remain strong in 2023.

Some of the best online selling sites for used items are eBayGadget SalvationSwap.comReverb, and Fat Llama.

The Selling page on the eBay website

6. Sell School Notes

Nexus Notes website homepage

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: minutes to hours, depending on the number of notes you’re uploading
  • Age threshold:13+ to 18+, varies among different sites
  • Time of payment: monthly, upon request, or when you have enough credits to cash out – varies between sites

Selling copies of school notes is one of the easiest ways for students to make money fast.

However, make sure you aren’t committing plagiarism or academic misconduct by selling school notes. For example, do not disclose upcoming assignments or tests and avoid distributing copyrighted material.

The safest bet is to sell notes containing general but insightful information about a subject, such as modules, flashcards, and study guides. Be careful not to present your notes as facts since they are only supplementary study documents.

Aside from student or alumni message boards and community forums, here are some of the best places to make money online by selling school notes:

7. Do Voice-Over Work

The Voice Over page on the Voices website

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few hours –you’ll need to put together your recording equipment and software in addition to signing up on sites
  • Age threshold:18+
  • Time of payment: ten days after project completion, every month, or every week – varies between sites

Voice-over work is an excellent way to make money fast. Since most voice-over jobs are project-based, a long-term commitment isn’t required.

Companies are always looking for new voice-over talents to narrate audiobooks, advertisements, commercials, trailers, demonstration videos, and audio guides.

How much you earn from voice-over projects depends on your experience, the project’s type, and the script’s length. The average salary of voice-over artists in the United States is around $30/hour.

On the other hand, experienced audiobook voice talents can earn up to $200/finished hour – which refers to a book’s reading time.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by creating a profile on a freelance marketplace like Upwork and responding directly to voice-over job ads. Joining freelance websites is an excellent way to test the waters and compare available jobs.

The Voice-Over Jobs page on the Upwork website

Alternatively, sign up for Voices or ACX, which connect voice-over talents with clients and audiobook narrators with authors.

A good voice-over talent is versatile and dynamic. They can bring a script to life no matter the topic. With audiobooks, a consistent narrative voice, excellent articulation skills, and the ability to voice different characters are crucial.

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