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Alhaji idris matansa biyu ne haj khadijah da kuma haj zainab wanda baifi shekara biyuba tsakanin su daya auresu ba ya auri matarsa tafarko haj khadijah wacce ta haifamasa yara biyar hudu maza tukkun har anfidda tsammani Allah yakawo mace hka hajiya zainab yayan uku Allah yabata kuma duka maza Alh usman shine babba wata mahaifin fatimah sai kuma Alh Ahmad mahaifin khadijah sai Abdullahi sai

Mahmoud sai sadeeya itakuma haj zainab tanada Abubakar sai bilal da Abdul-Jabbar dan autanta. Zuria ce wacce akataso cikin jindadi da gata dan inba anfadaba bazaka san yayan kishiyoyi bane Allah yayiwa mahaifinsu rasuwa azuria bbu wanda bai jijjigaba dan jigo yatafi dama shi babban dan kasuwa ne a gombe inkace Alhaji idrees (maddibo) bbu wanda baisansa ba su fulanine asalalin yan gombe mahaifin

fatimah yagama karatu ahka yacigaba da sana’ar mahaifinsa yayi aure yayi aure bbu dadewa Ahmad ma ganin wansa yayi yadage da fitina saiyayi dandama shiyana karatune yana sana’a kodadai bawani kankama yayiba Allah ya azurta Alh usman da yarinya mace wanda taci sunan mahaifiyar babansa wato

fatimah bayan ahekara biyu Allah ya azurta Ahmad da yarinya shima wato khadeejarh wacce taci sunan mahaifiyarsu dama duk wanda yayi aure a family house suke zama hka Allah ya azurta da yaya akalla kowacce ta haifi yaya biyar biyar annanne akasaka fatimah da khadeejarh makaranta daya wanda sunshaku ga kama dasukeyi harwasu na tsokanansu yan biyu akwana atashi mahaifin fatimah

kasuwancinshi ya mayardashi kano wanda hkan yayi sanadiyan rabuwan fatimah da khadeejarh tunda suka bar gombe khadijah taketa faman rashin lfy hkan yakaiga kakah tace mmnta tayi hkr tunda sun shaku ta bari takoma can inyaso insuka gama primary sch kafinnan sunyi wayo sai adawo mata da yarta mmn nakuka tahada kayan yarinyar tabayar akakaita wanda hkan ba karamin jindadi kaka tayiba da samata albarka tom kunji sanadiyan shakuwan fatima da khadeejarh.

Muje zuwa dan jinyaya zata kasance tsakaninsu kuma waye Aleeyu kuyi hkr nxt page zanmuku bayanin waye aleeyu nayi wannan dogon bayanine dan kugane menene dangan taka tsakanin KHADEEJARH DA FATEEMERH. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT LUV U ALL❀.
[11-13 12:29 PM] Nana Khady Novel: πŸ™†πŸ½β€COUSINS NEπŸ™†πŸ½β€


Aleeyu na isa gda yayi yawuce parking space wanda tunda yashi ga gdn nake kallon gdan tsabar girman gdan acan naga kusa da inda zaiyi parking na hanga wasu yan mata biyu a swimming pool bazasu wuce shekara 10 da 12 ba dansuna kama da aleeyu ba’a koba’a fada maka ba kanaganin kasan yan uwane yana

fitawo ya juya yakallasu aransa yakecewa yara saison wanka kaman kifaye nannaga daya daga cikinsu tace laa yaya Aleeyu yadawo dukansu biyu sukadau zanin wankan su sukayi gunsa da gudu yaya Aleeyu juyowa yayi da fara’a yace yaubakuje islamiyya bane Aisha ce tace la’a yau driver anmasa rasuwa kuma da mummy tace zatakaimu kuma wai kanta naciwo shine mukabarta tayi bacci mukazo nan ina mum dintake

tana takinta ok yace yawuce su Aisha kinsan dama yaya Aleeyu yamana alkawari zaikaimu SFC amma kuma haryau baikaimu ba aikinsan halinsa yanzu zaice eh anjima inya chanza shawara yace aa umm hafsa tace suka koma inadasuke yana hawa sama yayi knocking can anjima kadan akace bismillah da sallama

yatura kofa yashiga kama sukeyi dan koba’a fadaba kasan itace mahaifiyarsa kuma inkaga mahaifinsa ma kace suna kama dan har frnds dinsa natsokanan sa sunacewa da mum dinsa da dad dinsa suna kama ina mum ance bakida lfy inji su hafsa eh wlh kaga natashi klau fa harzan fita kuma kawai sai naji ciwon kai

shine nace bana son hayaniya bari na kwanta sannu mum kinsha mgn eh nasha kaga first aid box dina dama bana rabo da mganin ciwon kai tom kikwanta zuwa anjima inabai saukaba sai muje asibiti Allah yakara sauki ameen Allah yamaka albarka daga hka ya fita yana fita ya sakko kasa ya shiga kitchen nan

hauwa mai aiki ta gaisheshi da fara’ansa ya’ansa kanason wani abune da hanu yace nuni da a’a yawuce ya hada tea yafita dama dakinsu a waje yake dan part dinsu daban ne sbd gdn nasu katon gdane irin

sabbabin unguwanan mahaifinsu ya saya gona ya gina gda kato harda su swimming pool da su basketball field yana shiga daki yasha tea yana gama yashi ga wanka ya fito yashirya cikin jallabiya adole waishi yagaji

Suna shiga daki fatima hau gado tamike khadijerh kuwa ajiye ledan tayi ta shiga wanka tana fitowa ta samu Fatimah na waya tawuce ta shafa mai ta hau darduma tatayarda sallah fatima kuwa na gama waya ta mike ta dau ledan da khadijerh ta ajiye tafara bude take away din farfesu ne guda biyu da kuma chips

da kwai da dan miya agefe roba biyu tafara ci khadijerh na idar da sallah tace dama zakici dazan shiga harda min mita aiban yi take a way din dake ba dariya fatima tayi tacigaba da cin abinta ko kullata batayi ba tacigaba da ci itama tana idarwa tayi joining dinta suka cigaba da cin abinci.

Akwance yake idonsa alumshe kaman mai bacci can naga kuma yayi murmushi ya dauko wayansa yadanna kira wayanta taji yana ringing hm kinsan Fatimah na manta dawayata dan mikamin gatacan ashe akan gado na ajiye hartakusa katsewa Fatimah na dauka ta ansa tamika mata Amincin Allah yatabbata agareki shiru tayi dan kaman tasan muryan shirun datayine yasa yasake cewa hello ansawa tayi tare

dacewa inawuni dan ita ka’idartace gaisu in ankirata lfy klau dafatan kingane mai mgn srry but bangane ba murmushi yayi yace Aleeyu ne laa ashe kaine kuma sai shiru yadan biyo baya sannan yace dama nakira mugaisane inbazaki damuba inaso nasan inda kike shiru tayi sannan tace ina zama a sharada phase 2 ne wow kice munada nisa amma yaushe kike da tym zanzo inganki saide weekend insha Allah tom Allah

yakaimu thank you bye hka itama tace masa suka kashe waya Fatimah dake ta sauri taji waye da hanu tamata nuni yayadai shiru khadijerh tayi tukunna tace Aleeyu ne wanda muka hadu dashi dazu wani iri fatima taji amma azahiri saitace kice new catch ne dariya sukayi duka khadijerh tace mai zanyi dashi saide kawai adanyi soyayya a watse itadai Fatimah batace kamaiba saima mikewa datayi tashiga wanka

Yana kashe waya yayi wani murmushi da dabansan nameye ba ya mike yafita part din mahaifiyarsa ya koma sama hau direct wanda daga alama su hafsa ma suna dakinsu knocking yayi yadan jima jin baa ansaba yasa yace maybe bacci takeyi shima yakoma nasa part dinsa kasancewan bai iya baccin ranaba kuma ranan baije aikiba yasa yajawo system dinsa yafara kallo.

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[11-18 12:30 AM] Nana Khady Novel: πŸ™†πŸ½β€COUSINS NE πŸ™† ❀




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