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Tana shigowa dining room din Yana shigowa tareda mum Na’ima a gafensa tayi ado sosai harda kwalliya da lipstick a bakinta sai qamshi takeyi hannunta riqe dana Turakin tana maqale dashi sosai sai walwala da nishadi takeyi fuskarta yalwace da murmushi..

Zubawa hannunsu dake hade idanuwa tayi har Saida Suka qaraso zasu zauna Turakin ya janye hannunsa ta dago ta kalli mum din tana sake murmushi dayazo Mata take da murya Mai nutsuwa tace”

Barka da fitowa Abba,
Good morning mum.

Kallon fuskarta da Bata dagoba yayi tareda amsawa Kai tsaye Yana sake kallon gefenta a hankali.
Ms Na’ima kuwa murmushi tasake tana cewa”

Good morning to you too my princess,
Kin tashi lfy?

Lafia kalau mum.

Shiru sukai babuwa Wanda ya sake magana suna breakfast din.

Ita tafara gamawa sbd Bata wani ci abincin ba ta tashi ta fice tareda cewa”

Zanje na huta kafin lokacin girkin lunsh yayi.

A natse yabi bayanta da kallo harta fice kafin ya Dan rufe ido ahankali ya bude tareda daukan Green tea din dayasan itace ta dafo Masa sbd sanin Yana sonsa ya Kai bakinsa yaqarasa shanye sauran Wanda yake ciki ya dauki tissue ya goge bakinsa tareda miqewa tsaye ya kalli Ms Na’ima Dake kallonsa cikin nutsuwa da wani son Jan ha kalinsa yace”

Zan fita sai na dawo.

Wucewa yayi yanufa kofa ya fice,
Yana Isa Palo ya nufi hanyar kofan fita sai gata ta fito daga kitchen gurin Cindy tana ganinsa ta Dan dauke kai tana kokarin nufar hanyar bedroom dinta harta Isa kofar bedroom din zata shige ba zato taji anriqo hannunta tareda dawo da ita baya ahankali.

Qamshinsa da Taushin hannuwansa yasata Dan rufe idanuwanta batareda ta juyoba sanin shi kadaine Mai ikon kamota hakan.

A tsakiyar bayan wuyanta taji saukar kiss dinsa daya sanyata saurin daga kofar dakinta dake rufe sbd yanda taji saukar lips dinsa ba tsammani.

Ahankali ta juyo saidai tuni ya juya kamar bashine yayi abinda yayinba harya Isa kofa yana kokarin ficewa ya juyo ahankali Suka hada Ido ya juya ya fice yabarta daqyar ta iya qarasawa cikin dakinta sbd jikinta daya mutu.

Kwantawa taso yi ta huta Amma kasa baccin tayi sbd Haka kawai taji komai baya Mata Dadi a ranta breakfast dinma dama daurewa kawai tayi tayisa taredasu sbd yanda mum ke cikin nishadi da alama sbd kallon datake jifansa dashi cikin yanayi na nuna soyayyarta.

Juye juyenta tagama Yi qarfe goma Sha daya ta fito ta nufi kitchen tuni su siddika Suka fara aikin abincin Dan Haka ta saka musu hannu tareda Basu umarnin sauran abincin da za’ai.
Suna gama girkin Takoma dakinta tayi wanka tayi sallah tasaka kayan Shan iska tayi kwanciyarta tana chatting Dan Bata buqatan fita cin abuncin duk da tasan baya gidan yawanci lunch dama daga ita sai mum din itama so dama tana school mum dince kawai.

Da daddare ma Bata fito cin abincin ba Biscuits da milk tea tasa Cindy takawo Mata daki taci tayi brush ta kwanta.
Washe gari ma Haka ta wuni a gida bataje koinaba hakama dining dinma ta qaurace zuwa tace batajin Dadi kawai.
Tana cika kwana hudu da dawowa daga Florida Tafara fita school sbd tuni tafara matsuwa data fara fitan sbd duk kwanakin Abban na gari
Idanuwanta sunkusa makancewa da ganin salon soyayyar mum datake nuna Masa.

Gidansu sofia tafara biyawa acan ta tsaya sukai breakfast tareda Sofia da mum dinta Suka fito suka wuce makaranta sofia nata zuba Mata tambayar Yaya mum tagane wani Abu kuwa?
Girgiza Kai kawai tayi sbd bazata iya magana akan al’amarin ba.

A school din ta wuni cur Bata dawoba sai Yamma Kuma agajiye take Dan Haka tana shigowa gida ko gurin mum Bata tsayaba gaidata kawai tayi ta wuci daki ta tube tafada toilet ta sakarwa kanta ruwan zafi.
Bayan tayo wankan jikinta ya sake da Yar gajiyar datakeji sallar magriba tayi tana idarwa ta saka kayan bacci dogon Wando da singlet saita saka qaramar hula ta fito ta nufi kitchen ta tadda angama Kai duka abincin dining gashi yunwa takeji so Dole taredasu zataci abincin bare taci anan kitchen ko dakinta.

Fitowa tayi ta nufi dakinta zata sanyo wata rigar Akan singlet dinta saiga mum tafito cikin Riga da wandon black jeans da purple Riga Mai Dan Fadi da tsayi kadan fuskarta ba wani kwalliya saidai lip balm Dake Kan lips dinta.
Dan dauke Kai Laylan tayi tareda sakin murmushi tana cewa”

Mum Zaki fita ne?

Dariya mum Na’iman Tai tana cewa”

Ina zanje a Daren Nan Abbanki na gariΒΏKwalliyan Abbanki ce wannan.

Kai tsaye ta furta”

Abba red and white kala yafi so wannan da Kika saka ba…….

Shiru tayi gabanta yayi mugun faduwa tayi saurin dagowa sbd Jin abinda take Shirin fasawa kanta na fadar maganar…

Mum Na’ima kuwa da qaramin mamaki tace”

Hakane Kuma fa na manta duka
Kinyi kokarin sanin abinda Abbanki yafi so baby muaahh, ko ba yanzuba idan namanta da irin wannan abubuwan dasuka danganci Abbanki ki ringa tunan ok??

Gyada Kai tayi Ahankali batareda tasake kallon mum dinba tana kokarin wucewa mum takama hannunta ta jata zuwa dining tana cewa”

Kin kwana biyu bakici abinci tareda muba zo muje yau kici tareda mu kinji baby.

Janta tayi batareda damuwa da kayan Dake jikin Laylan ba har cikin dakin abincin suna kokarin zama sai gashi ya qaraso yashigo dakin a natse sanyeda fararen kayan zaman gida na DG Sai daya kusa qarasowa inda suke qamshinta ya tabbar Masa da tana gurin Dan Haka ya dago ahankali cikin basarwa ya kallesu su biyun saidai Kuma zuciyarsa ta rinjayesa takasa barin idanuwansa janyewa saga kallon wadda yayi kusan kwana ukun Bai Sanya a idanuwaba.

Irin kallon dayake sauke Mata a natse ba magana ba komai yasata hadiye sauke wani boyayyan numfashi ahankali kafin ta dago ta kalli saci kallon mum Na’ima wadda sai alokacin ta dago ganin baya kallonta hankalinsa na Kan Cindy data shigo da green tea dinsa da Laylah tasaka aringa dafo Masa sbd yanasha sosai.

Rigar jikinta ta maida kallonta taga dai maganar Laylan ce ba kalar yakesoba dan Haka ba lallai ya Bata dukkanin hankalinsa ba Wanda yanzu a duniya Kam bayan duqufa ga yin duk wani abun daukan hankalinsa akanta batada wani sauran aiki anan yanzu bayan hakan sbd yanzune tasake tabbatarda irin mijin datake aure Dan kuwa ya jiyar da ita Dadi da nishadin da Bata taba samuba.
Juyowa tayi ta kalli Laylah dake tsaye har lokacin a hankali tace”

Kuci abincin kawai zanje nayi wanka na sauya wannan kayan anjima naci idan naji yunwa yanzuma ba wani yunwa nakejiba.
Juyawa tayi tabar dining room din ta fice Cindy tabi bayanta bayan ta aje tea din Takoma dauko madarar Laylan datai Mata heating itama.

Suna ficewa dukkanin hakurinsa akanta ya qare ya kamo hannunta tareda janyota jikinsa ya rungume ahankali suka saki boyayyan Ajiyar zuciya atare Yana sake shigar da ita jikinsa tana shaqar qamshinsa dake kashe jikinta da kyau
Ahankali ta dago hannayenta ta zura bayansa ta qanqamesa sai alokacin tasaki bayyanannar ajiyan zuciya Haka kawai idanuwanta na Dan cikowa da hawaye.

Dagota yayi daga jikin nasa Yana yiwa fuskarta wani irin kallo kafin ya gangara da idanuwansa zuwa wuyanta da jikinta da kayan datake sanye dasu ya tsaida idanuwansa Kan singlet dinta Yana iya hango farar padded bra din dake jikinta kalar datafi komai naukan hankalinsa itama shi take kallon ganin irin yanda yake sakar Mata mayen kallo ta lumshe fararen idanuwanta ahankali tana kokarin janye hannunta daga jikinsa ya Kuma janyota ahankali yakai bakinsa kunnenta ya sakar Mata wani masifaffen numfashi Mai dumi kafin ahankali ya furta”



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