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[11/21, 2:18 PM] Sumayya: πŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒΈ


By khadija muhammad

Bissimillahi rahamani raheem

Page 1

Sanyin zamani daya tillasta dunia qara axamar da saurinta yake saurin juyawa rana fuskokinta yanda baagane wanda yafi wane saurin tsakanin duhu da haske
Toh ayau ta tsaya cak taki gaba taki baya taki kuma ta watse dan kowa yagane inda ya dosa

Tafe take tana sauri take da gudugudu yanayin fuskar ta kadai xaka kalla ka gane ba anatsuwar ta take ba wani gida naga tadosa daga ganin mamallakan gidan gajiyayyune gidane ginin kasa irin nada xagaye yake da falefalen kwanon da ya gaji don duk ya yayyanke kwanon
daki ukune a gidan sai bayin langalanga

Daya daga cikin dakunan naga wannan budurwan matashia yarinyar tashiga Ledan dake hannunta tasaki tare da tsala ihu me karfi tayi kan wani tsoho dattijo dayake kwance bisa kan wata ya galallar tabarma talafo shi tai tana girkixashi kuka take sosai
Tana fadin baba karka mutu kabarni dan Allah baba inkatafi bansan ya xanyi da rayuwa taba
Kofin ruwa dake gefe ta jawo tashiga yayyafa masa
ajiyar xucia me karhi yasake
Lokaci daya kukanta itama ya tsaya
Ido yakafeta dashi yana sakar mata murmushi itama murmushin tasakar mai
Tare da furta sannu baba

Ahankali ya amsa cikin muryan jinya yace yauwa sannu SAMHA
Allah. Yamiki Albarka Allah yabaki miji nagari da yaya nagari wayanda xasu kuladake kamar yanda kke min

Sunkuyar dakai tai tana murmushi
shima murmushi yyi dayasan ba ansawa xatai ba

Gyara masa kwancia tai
Tamike daukan ledan da tasaki a kasa wani langa tadauka ta juye abin dake cikin ledar
Shinkafa ce dawake dafa duka garaugarau
Komawa tai inda yake kwance ta tallafo shi jikin ta harrawa yake ta xaunar dashi
Tasa hannu ta daibo abincin tafara bashi yana ci

Hankado labulen akai
Wata matace guntuwa baka gawargajejen baki da guntun hanci sai xare kwalakwalan idanuwan tatake
Atsorace samha ta ke kallonta
Shigowa tai tana bin su dawani mugun kallo

Ahankali samha tace sannu inn…..
Kutumar uwarki nace muna fuka algunguma yar iska tabbatatta
Cikin wata qatuwar muryarta me kama dana maza

Hawayene taji masu dumi suna sakko mata a fusaka

Ahankali yadaga hannunsa yafara goge mata haway

Kan uba ashe iskancinku haryakai haka
Ki rungumeshi ya rungume ki kuna soyayya

Yawan comment dinku shine kwarin guywar writers

[11/21, 2:18 PM] Sumayya: πŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŒΈ



By khadeeja Muhammad

Bissimillahi rahmani raheem

Page 2

Kan uba ashe iskancin ku haryakai haka
Kirungume shi ya rungume ki ko kuna soyayya
πŸ€”jar uba ni ina can hangame da baki anacin amanata
Wato sale yar cikin naka kamaida matar ka ko

Ido tafda hawaye ta dago tana duban ta muryan ta na rawa tace
Habba in..in..inna sharrrin ziiii…na

Duka takaimata abaki
Tare da lailayo wata uban ashar tana watsa mata
Dafe bakin tai sabida axaba hawaye nasauka kan kuncin ta

Cigaba tai da ba ma mahaifinta abincin bata qara dagowa takalle koh inda laure takeba

Haka ta karashe cin mutuncin ta fice

Malan sale koh uffan baice da itaba

Halintane tunda ya aurota bata da tarbiya ko kadan inda sabo yasaba

Gama bashi abincin tai ta gyara masa kwancia tamike ta xare hijjabin dake kanta ta dauko cinyayyar xaborin dake bayan garkar dakin dashima ya kasance na falefale
Ta qara share dakin duk da bawani dattin kirki

Tsakar gida takoma tatattara kayan da saude tai biji biji dashi kafin tashare shi tass

Kafin takoma karkashin bishiya mangoron dake tsakar gidan ta xauna tarafka ta gumi
Tana tunanin rayuwar ta dana mahaifinta tun tasowarta mahaifinta taga yana dawainia da ita shine komin ta harta girma baibariba
Kwatsam Allah ya jarabce shi da ciwo shima ya xaayi taki tai makonsa
Miye amfanin kahaifi dan da baxaiji tausayinka ba
Kiraye kirayen sallah magriba da akene yadawo da ita daga dunia tinanin da tatafi
Mikewa tai ta dau buta ta je bakin rijia taja rua

Tanufi wajen ,mahaifin ta yanda tabashi kwance haka ta iske shi
Aje butar. Tai ta tallafo ta jiginar dashi ajikin bango ta jawo wani fashashen roba dake gefa
Ahankali ya furta sannu samha Allah. Yayi albarka murmushi tasake masa kawai
Tare dafadin ko xaka kama rua
Yace da ita kimin alwala inbi masallaci tunda anaji harnan
batai magana ba
Tafara mai kafin tashinfida dadduma ta cincibo shi tana nishi da kyar ta daura shi kan daddumar
Ta gyara mai xama ta jinginar dashi a bango yanda xaiyi sallah kasancewar bai iya koda xama saida dogaro
Jin masallacin jikin gidansu suntada sallah yasa itama tafita taje tadauro alwala
Xata shiga daki kenan wata matashiyar yarinya tashigo ta kwalawa laure kira kallo daya samha taimata ta kauda kai
Tana mamakin halin yar uwarta kwata kwata halin uwarta laure ta dauko
Yanxun haka shigar dake jikinta kawai xai tabbatar ma da bata da tarbiya
Sanye take cikin riga da wondo kannan yasha kitson gashin doki kananu har gadon baya
Wani dan siririn gyale mekama da matatar koko ta daura akan
Kafarnan ko tasanya takalmi me tsini kawasu kunbuna da takara kafa da hannu
Inkaganta xaka rantse serah ce

kauda kai tai saurin shigewa daki ta ta xauna gefe tana jiran a idar ta kwantar da baba tai nata

Daga tsakar gida kuwa
Zee galla ma samha harara tai tare da jan tsaki
Laure ce ta ansa daga bayi tana fadin ina xuwa yar arxiki irin albarka

Nikimin sauri cike da rashin kunya take maganar

Laure ko fitowa tayi jiki duk fitsari ko buta bbu
Tafito tana washe jajayen hakoran ta

Zee. Kalonta tai tayatsina baki hannu tasa acikin jakarta ta ciro kudi ta hurga ma laure kasa
Laure da sauri.ta durkusa ta na tattarwa
Laure niba xankwana gida ba sai gobe xandawo ga kudin nan.ki wanke min kayana karki min da omo ki kwadar min dakaya kisai sabulu kuma.bamai karniba
Wlh kikai da me karni saiki kara wankesu

Magana take kamar ita tahaifi uwar

sauran kudin ki kari da su
Tana gama fada tasa kai tafice

Uwarko ko ajikinta saide cewa tai Allah. Yayi albarka Allah yasa kifi haka zainabu Abu me tagwayen suna

Hannu kawai ta daga mata koh ta juyo tasa kai tafice

Kwance yake kan makeken gadonsa juyawa kawai yake

Dakyar yabude idabuwansa ya sauke su kan agogon bango da ke manne ajikin bango dakin
Karamin tsaki yasake tare da lumshe ido

Turo kofar da akayine yasashi saurin ware ido yyi yasakam mata murmushi

wata dattijuwa ce fara ga tsawo ga kiba baxata wuce shekara hamsinba

Itama murmushin take masa

Mikewa yyi daga kwance dayake yaxauna kan gadon

Baki gadon taxauna tana qare masa kallo

Murmushi yaqara saki mata tare dafa antashi lfy ummi na

Lfy qalau ya ciwon kan
Tatambayeshi cike da kulawa
Da sauki ummi
Yabata amsa a takai ce

Katashi kai wanka kaxo kaci abinci saikasha magani

Toh ummi yafada yana sauke kyawawan kafafuwan shi kasa

toilet. Yashige ita kuma
Tabishi da ido tanajin qaunar dan nata na qarua a jinin jikinta

Mikewa tai ta fice daga bedroom. Dinsa

Acikin minutes. Kalilan yafito daure da tawul daya ahannun sa yana goge ruwa da ke jikinsa

Jikin dressing mirror. Yaqarasa mai yashafa kawai
Yabude wardrobe. Ya jawo farar jallabia
Ya xura
Turare ya feshe jikin sa dashi

Wayar shi yadauka yaduba yaga misscalls kusan. Thirty. Waro ido yyi tare da duba me kiran

dogon tsaki yaja tare da aje wayar

Yawan comments. Dinku shine kwari guywar writers.



[11/21, 2:18 PM] Sumayya: πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·




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