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wananπŸ‘―πŸ‘― nayi,mai turo wananπŸ€Έβ€β™€πŸ€Έβ€β™€ nayi,tsayar da typing d’in da take yi tayi,dan taga mai suke wa murna haka,ji tayi wata maman Abdullateef na cewa

” Hajiya Allah dai ya biya kice yau zamu suma washhhhh har na fara tsiyaya kafin na kalla”

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun,Manal tace bayan da ta karanta abinda tace,sauran members d’in kuwa suma suka hau tofa albarkacin bakinsu,Manal tuni tagane ba videon arziki Hajja kaltumen ta turo ba,goge typing d’in da ta fara yi tayi,dan so take ta tabbatar da zargin da take yi,sai ta ji dadin yi musu wa’azi,downloading d’in videon tayi,aikuwa nan da nan yayi downloading, playing tayi tafara kallo,runtse idonta tayi da k’arfi sakamakon ganin Blue film ne,tsigar jikinta ne ya fara tashi,ta bud’e idonta a hankali,rufewa tayi da sauri tana istigifari a zuciyarta,tunda take bata tab’a ganin blue film ba sai wanan,deleting take so tayi amma ta tsinci kanta da k’ara San ganin videon,playing ta k’ara yi tafara kallo,aikuwa nan da nan hankalinta ya fara tashi,wani azababben sha’awa ya taso mata ta matse k’afarta ,sakamakon ihun da turawan ke yi,ahaka ta ringa kallon blue film d’in in ya k’are sai ta k’ara kunawa ta kalla,hankalinta duk yabi ya tashi,group ta koma ta fara karanta chatting d’insu kowace na fad’ar yanda hankalinta ya tashi,Hajja kaltume kuwa babu abinda take turowa sai wanan, πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹,a k’arshe tace musu ita sauk’a zata yi,zata je a Sosa mata inda ke mata kai kai, Manal da da niyyarta tayi musu wa’azi tsintar kanta tayi da jin dad’in grp d’in,ahaka tayi ta karanta chatting d’in da suke, Wanda gabad’aya batsa kawai su ke yi,suna kwatanta yanda zasu yi suman dadi,,Manal kuwa hirarsu k’ara d’aga mata hankali yake, kiraye kirayen sallahr da ta jiyo ne yasa ta kashe datar,ta mik’e ta nufi band’aki sai da ta fara wanka tsarki tayi alwala dan Bf d’in data kalla ba k’aramin sha’awa ya sata ba,sallaya ta hau Dan tayi sallah,amma abin mamaki,videon da ta kalla ne aranta,in zata tada sallah,sai taringa ganin videon a idonta,a takaice Sallah kawai Manal tayi,amma ba a nutse ba, Dan dai dai da karatun Sallah harhard’ewa taringa yi,tana sallama wayarta ta d’auko addua da ta saba yi bata yi ba ballantana akai ga karatun Qurani da ta saba yi idan ta idar da sallah,group d’in Manyan Mata Hark’a1 ta k’ara bud’ewa ta cigaba da karanta chatting d’insu,ji tayi tana sha’awar k’ara kallon videon,playing tayi tacigaba da kallon hankalinta gabad’aya ya gama tashi,ganin Biyar na yamma tayi ne yasa ta mik’e ta nufi kitchen hanunta rik’e da wayar,tana kallo tana girki,ahaka ta gama girkin,Allah Allah kawai take Yusuf ya dawo,dan ita kadai tasan halin da take ciki,grp d’in ta koma ta cigaba da karanta chattn d’insu,ganin da tayi d’aga mata hankali kawai suke Dan abun nasu ya wuce tunaninta,kowace Video ta ringa turowa na iskanci,kashe datar tayi,ta nufi band’aki sai da ta k’ara wankan tsarki ta d’aura alwala,ahaka ta fito tayi sallar tana tunanin Bf d’in da tagani.

Tana kan sallaya su Yusuf suka dawo,Sallamar da suka yi ta amsa, ta mik’e da sauri, Dan azaune da take,videon ne aranta,amsa gaisuwar da yaran suka mata tayi,tace su tafi d’akinsu suje suyi wanka suyi alwala su yi sallah,Salem uban yan surutu tsayawa yayi Dan ya bata labarin abubuwan da Kakarsu ta basu,ta daka masa tsawa tace ya tafi d’akinsu bata San surutu,da sauri suka nufi d’akinsu shi da Hanif,Taufiqa kuwa ganin ba wasa a fuskar Momyn tasu itama ta juya da sauri tabi bayansu,Yusuf da tunda ya shigo yake kallonta Dan gabad’aya ba a nutse take ba,yana k’ok’arin yi mata magana yaga tana kora yara d’akinsu,Manal kuwa tana ganin sun shige d’akinsu taja hanun Yusif suka nufi d’akinshi,shi dai binta kawai yake, yana mamakin abinda ya faru,suna shiga d’akin tasa key ta kulle k’ofar ta cire hijabin jikinta,kasa d’aurewa yayi yace “Momyn Hanif lafiya kuwa”?bata ce mishi komai ba ta cire doguwar rigar dake jikinta,ta nufi inda yake shi dai zuba mata ido kawai yayi,rigar jikinsa ta fara k’ok’arin cire mishi,murmurshi yayi Dan yanzu ya gane abinda ke damunta,” a lailai Mom hanif yau a gwiwa kike,ai da kin bari nima nayi wanka nayi sallah,”

Yusif yace yana taya ta cire rigarsa,Manal ita dai bata ce komai ba Dan burinta yanzu bai wuce ya magance mata matsalarta ba,fitilar d’akin ya kashe ya d’auke ta cak ya nufi kan gado da ita tun kafin ya direta ta fara aika mishi da sakoni,shima martani yafara mayar mata bayan ya direta,akasan ransa kuma yana mamakinta Dan tunda suka yi aure, bata tab’a mishi hakan ba hasali shi ke rawar k’afa akanta Dan Kunya ne da ita duk da sun dade da aure.

Sai bayan sallar Ishai suka d’agawa juna k’afa,Manal ta mirgina gefe tana sauke ajiyar zuciya Dan sai yanzu ta samu nutsuwa,wani irin kunya ne ya rufeta da ta tuna ita ta fara Neman Yusuf,Yusuf kuwa kamar yasan tunanin da take,ya mirgina kusa da ita ya rungumota ta baya yafara magana” Mom Hanif yau anya kece kuwa dakanki
kika nuna bukatarki agareni,”? Rufe fuskarta tayi da tafin hanunta ta kasa magana Yusuf janye hanunta yayi yace “mai abun kunya aciki ni ai haka nakeso Dan bakisan dadin da naji ba anya gobe zan ma yi tafiyar nan kuwa,” “zaka yi mana mai zai hana” tace tana nufar band’aki, shima mik’ewa yayi yabi bayanta,tare suka yi wanka, suka yi alwala Yusuf sai tsokanarta yake,aranta kuwa tana ai dalilin ne ya jawo haka sani ne bai yi ba.

Bayan sun idar da sallah Palo suka nufa su biyun,a Palo suka Tarar da yaran a zaune suna kallo,Yusuf ne ya musu magana da su taso suci abinci,Hanif ya ce mishi, sunci abincinsu Dan su jirasu basu fito ba kuma yunwa suke ji,Wayancewa Yusuf yayi yace Momyn su ce ba lafiya shi yasa ya tsaya bata magani,Dan Hanif ba k’aramin wayo ne da shi ba Dan har mamakin wayyonsa suke, hankalinsu ne ya tashi da suka ji abinda daddynsu yace suka nufi wajen Manal dake tsaye suna mata sannu,d’agowa tayi suka had’a ido dashi, ya Kane mata ido,shafa Kansu tayi tace tasha magani taji sauki,Wajen dining suka nufa i ita da Yusuf suka ci abincin,Tara nayi Manal ta cewa da su Hanif suje suyi alwala su kwanta gobe da makaranta.mik’ewa tayi tabi bayansu sai da ta tabbatar da duk sunyi alwala ta tofe su da addua ta fito.

Yusuf da Manal sun rayya daren Dan babu wanda yayi barci a cikinsu,wanda hakan ba k’aramin mamaki ya kara bawa Yusuf ba,Dan Manal bata da juriya sosai amma sai gashi aranar bata nuna mishi ta gaji ba,Manal kuwa ba wani abune yasa bata nuna gajiyawarta ba sai Dan Bf d’in da tagani Dan har a lokacin yana ranta,kuma in Yusuf ya tafi gobe,ita dashi sai wani satin
[10/14, 6:56 PM] Sadnaf: πŸ…° SπŸ…°NπŸ…°DIN GROUP

Written by

πŸ’…πŸ’… SADNAFπŸ’ž


_We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart of the readers_  *P.M.L*


A short novel based on true life story

wanan shafin naki ne Hassana dan larabawa tnx for your love and supportπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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     Washegari k'arfe 7:30 Yusif ya shirya tafiya abuja,rungume su Hanif  ya ringa yi one by one yana tambayarsu in zai dawo mai zai taho musu dashi,fad'a masa suka yi kamar yanda suka saba,Manal ita dai tana tsaye tana kallonsu ji take kamar kar ya tafi,Hanun Taufiqa ya rik'e suka yi waje Su Hanif suka bishi abaya dan shi zai sauke su a makaranta kafin ya wuce,juyowa yayi yana kallon Manal da ta hard'e hannayenta a k'irjinta bayan su Hanif sun gama shiga motar, 

“Mom Haneef ni zan wuce pls ki kularmin da kanki da yarana”

Hawayen da ya zubo mata ta goge tace ” insha Allahu Allah ya kiyaye hanya ya sauke ka lafiya”

Ameen yace yana rungumeta, Manal zame jikinta tayi daga nasa ta ja da baya tana d’aga musu hannu,ahaka Yusuf yaja motar suka bar harabar gidan,Manal ta koma ciki,kasancewar ta saba da safe take aikinta bata tsaya jira sai ‘yar aikinta ta zo Dan ‘yar aikinta ba kwana take ba zuwa take tayi aikinta ta koma gida,tana cikin aikin Hindatu ‘yar aikinta tazo,bar mata aikin tayi ta nufi d’akinta ta kwanta dan barci ne a idonta jiya bata samu barci ba.



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