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Creating and writing by

Ummee Mukhtar


Iyayen tsaye suke akanta kamar zasu cinyeta d’anya saboda tsabar fad’an da suke mata ” Iyee tsakani da Allah meye ai bun Alhaj Sa’id da har zakice bakya sonsa mijin da kowace mace zatai burun auransa ga kyau ga k’ud’i,” kawai dan ya kasance kusan sa’an babanki sekice bakya saonsa?

Mahaifinne yai saurin cafe maganar da cewa kaji zancen banza zata dinga yawo da shine? Ke ki saura reni aure ba fashi jibi idan Allah ya kaimu in yaso ki had’iyi zuciya ki mutu .

Larai na gane yarinyar nan rufin asirin da Allah ya aiko mana dashi shi takewa bak’in ciki ‘dan ubanki kamar bamu muka haife kiba.

Dubi yanda yase mana k’aton gida ga mota ya bani ga shagunan daya bani har biyu ga uban mak’udan kud’i ko yaushe akan hanya” amma ace Zarah kirasa wanda zakiwa bakin ciki se iyayenki.

Zarah wacce akewa fad’a ta kifa kanta da jikin gado se kuka take na takaici da iyayenta suka kasance masu kakwad’ayin gaske” tayama tana ‘yar shekara 17 za abata dan shekara Arba’in da tara kawai danya kasance me kud’i?

Ta share hawayenta tana me goge face d’inta wacce tai ja saboda kuka.

Malam hadi ne ya sunkuyo kusa da Zarah murya k’asa k’asa yace haba ‘yata tinda mike baki ta6a bujirewa a binda mukace kiyi ba ‘ se akan wannan ?

Mun baki za6i daki kawo wanda kikeso kince yayi tafiya idan kin buga number sa batama shiga ,”ga wanna ya fito da k’arfinsa ze aureki, to Zarah zamusaki agaba kamar tv muna kallo ne?

Girgiza kai tayi Alamar a a , nan yai murmushi yace to yanda bazamu saki gaba muna kallo ba tobe kamata mun muki za6i kice ba hakaba.

Larai ce ta sunkuyo ta dafa kafad’arta tace ki hkr ‘yata mun hango miki daular dake baki hango ba , nan de sukaita lalla6ata itako Zarah in banda sharar k’wallah ba abinda take wanda daga k’arshe tace ta yarda inde hakan ze sasu farinciki.

Nan gaba d’aya suka rungume ta suna sa mata Albarka itako taci gaba kuka .

Kwance take a d’aki tayi ruf da ciki idon yai ja sosai se kanta dake mata ciwo sosai , wayar ta jawo iphone7 tai dialing d’in wata number cikin kuka take magana Aysha ya zanyi ya zanyi Aysha kifad’amin se kuma kuka me tsuma zuciya.

Salati aysha tayi tace kiyi hkr gani nan zuwa yanzu.

Aje wayar tayi taci gaba da kuka .

Dake basu da nisa cikin minti 10 tak’araso gidan A tsakar gida ta tadda Larai wacce ke zaune tana shan farfesun kaji “”” wani kallo taiwa Aysha na rashin kirki ,, cikin ladabi Aysha tace umma ina yini “,, fuska a daure ta amsa Γ…ysha tai ciki tana mamakin sauyawar umman Zarah,,,, tinda ‘yarsu ta had’u dame kud’i take d’aga kai.

Nan tai ciki umman Zarah ta bita da wani shegen kallo tace wallahi bazata yuwuba da anyi auran sena raba Zarah da wannan ‘yar matsiyatan dan bazata goga mana talauciba.

Zarah na kwance Aysha ta shigo da sauri Zarah ta tashi da gudu ta rungume Aysha se kuka.

Subahanallahi Zarah dan Allah kibar kukan nan nasan de Akan Auran nan ne ki hkr ba yadda zamiyi haka Allah ya tsara.

Fuska taf da hawaye Zarah ta ďago kai suna fukantar juna tace Aysha taya zan auri babban mutun nifa yarinyace ,,, babu wani so ko k’auna azuciyata game dashi “””” ballan tana azo kan maganar shauk’i ta Auratayya nayi dashi nace nayi dawa ? Haba Aysha yaro se yarinya ni wallahi an cuceni tai maganar tana me kwantar da kanta akan cinyar Aysha….

Aysha tai ajiyar zuciya ta shafa kanta tace babu yanda zakiyi tunda sukace shi zaki aura kawai kiyi hakuri bakisan Abinda Allah yake nufi da hakan ba.

Nanta d’ago ka cikin sauri tace a ‘a Aysha ban hango Alheri cikin auran nan ba sema tashin hankali.

A a don’t say that cewar Aysha ai sanin gaibu se Allah .

Batun shauk’i kuma wallahi wasu manyam sunfi yara iya soyaiya “””” Zarah tace au haka zakice?

Nan ta kama wani kukan da kyar aysha taita lallashinta akan cewa sanadiyyar biyaiyar dataiwa mahaifanta se Allah yasa abun ya zame mata Alkhairi.

Hira suka d’anyi wanda kusan rabi akan auranne wanda Zarah take cewa ita ba abunda zatai na harkar biki.

Ku biyoni yanzu aka fara😘

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Creatimg and written by

Ummee Mukhtar


Misalin k’arfe biyar na yamma gidan ya cika da bak’i ‘yan biki wad’anda sukazo daga k’auyensu wato cen dangin mahaifin Zarah “””” har yanzun tana d’aki wani ciwon kaine ke neman kamata hayaniyar dataji tayi yawane yasa ta lek’o ta window nan taga mutane da yawa a farfajiyar gidan se farin ciki ake “,,wani guntun tsaki tayi ta koma ta kwanta tana cewa duk akan Auran Babban mutun kukewa zumud’i aikin banza kawai “”

Jitai ana cewa ina Amaryar takene kota tafi gyaran jiki?

Larai tace wallahi tana ciki inaga bacci take”’ ke ni kuntuna mim ma yakamata da ace tayi gyaran jiki wallahi shaf na manta.

Wata wacce ake kira da maryam tace ah ai kinyi sakaci zaki kai yarinya gidan kishiya ace bazaki gyarata ba ?

Larai tai dariya tace ai gidan kowa daban ba abunda ze had’asu amma duk da hk zan gyarata duk da lokaci ya k’ure.

Su biyu suka mik’e suka nufi d’akin Zarah, tana jin tafiyarsu tai saurin kwanciya azuwan bacci take.

Da sallama suka shigo baba maryam tace aiko bacci take yanaga idonta ya kumbura kode batada lfy ne ? “””” d’ayar tace gashi ta rame sosai Larai meke damum ‘yan nan ,:::: ?

Larai tai saurin cewa wallahi zazza6i ke damunta amma ai baza a fasa auran ba saboda wannan.

Baba maryam tace yakamata ata sheta”””

Tashinta sukai ta bud’e ido a hankali kamar me bacci cikin nutsuwa ta gaida su jikinta duk a sanyaye kamar wacce ruwa yaci.

Lafiya lau zarah kinci abinci kuwa? Cewar baba maryam kai ta girgiza alamar bataci ba .

Ah maza Larai d’akko mata amarya ba cin abinci me a akai kenan “””” ta gefen ido Larai a kalleta gamida galla mata harara wacce yasa Zarah saurin k’asa da kanta.

Abincin ta kawo mata sede ta kasa ci domin jitake yana mata d’aci spoon3 tai tace ta k’oshi .

Ba yadda basi ba amma takasa ci .

Ku kyaleta zataci anjima ne dama haka cin abincinta yake a tsintsnke.

Su baba maryan ne sukace ta tashi ta gyara taje gidansu kawarta su tafi gyaran jiki”” wani bak’in cikine ya zo mata wai ita wane irin gyaran jiki zataiwa wani tsoho.

Fita sukai daga dakin yayinda sukace tai sauri ta fito.

Laraice abaya ta juyo tace wallahi idan kika sake kowa ya fuskanci bason auran nan kikeba sena 6ata miki kebank’i ma na tsine mikiba tinda ba k’aunata kike ba Arzik’i na binki kina guje masa.

50k ta wurga mata tace gashinan daga cikin ku’din da Alhaj Sa’id ya bayar domin ki gyara jikin ki “”” kinsan 150k yaba da to nasan wannan zasu isheki ,,da kallo Zarah ta bita yayinda Larai tai ficewarta .

Kuka Zarah tasa harda shure shuren k’afa tana cewa an cuceta.

Wanka tayi tasa riga da siket na atamfa se hijab ko kwalliya ba taiba tazo ta fice daga gidan babu wanda ta gani saboda duk suna daya bangaren.

Tafiya take amma kamar bayi takeba saboda yanayin takunta shine ze tabbatar maka akwai a binda kedamunta .

Wata majalisar samari tazo wucewa suna ganinta sua hau nunata oh kaganta nan yarinya da ita amma wai tsoho zata aura sa an babanta .

D’ayan yai dariya yace eh mana Ai kasan ance kud’i hana magana idan kanadashi balarabiya zaka iya aura . D’ayan yace kai wallahi kwadayi ma beba suka kwashe da dariya.



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