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    *[ Sept, 2016 ]*

      Written by Nana fa'ad en Eesha

*{ ```Page 1~5```}*

      Tafiya take a buge akan titi kamar zata fad'i kasa, ga kwal6an(bottle) hernesy a hannun ta na dama, bottle na champagne a hannun ta na hagu, idan ta kurba Hernesy ta kurba champagne(giya/wine),da dare misalin karfe sha d'ayan dare a garin maiduguri, ko ina tsit sai motoci d'addaya da suke wucewa da yake garin ba kamar da ba kowa na shiga gida da wuri sabida condition na garin,wani mota neh ya zo da gudu yana mata horn amma inaa hankalin ta baya jikinta ta, kwasss motar ya kwashe ta tafad'i a kasa... 

    _Few years back_

(shekarun baya)

         "Imrann, Imrann" wata yarinya ce wacce bazata wuce shekaru goma sha bakwai (17yrs) ba ita take ihun kiran sunan Imrann(tsaban ihun ta ni kaina sanda na firgita, ni nana kallo nabita dashi baki  bud'e)

          Uniform na makaranta neh ajikin ta, riga fari da wani dan mini skirt light brown wanda bai kai gwiwa ba ahaka kuma wai sch uniform, wani shegiyar high heel neh a kafar ta bak'i da white socks d'inshi. Gashin kanta nan abude ta kama da ribons pink da blue had'addu, ta sha make up kamar ba makaranta zata ba,  wayan ta tacire acikin jakar ta kirar Samsung Galaxy S7 ta daga sama ta tura baki(Eesha ta cemi selphie zata dauka)bayan ta gama d'aukar hoto ta maida wayar a wani tsadadden jakar ta pink colour, sai waige waige take, wani ta hango yana wanke mota a gefe, wani dogon tsoki taja tace

     Kai Garba (wani tsoho takira wanda a haifa yayi jika da ita) wai ina shegen driver nah Imraan neh baisan nayi latti din makaranta ba'

Tsohon nan wanda takira sa da Garba yace ''hajiya wlhy da kyar mukayi bacci jiya baya jin dadin jikinsa neh d'an nawa'"
 Kallon uku saura kwabo ta watsa masa kan taja tsoki tace
 " Garba da kai da yaron ka kullum sai kawo excuses mtsewwww, idan baza ku iya aikin ba basai mu nema wasu ba, ai duk Abba neh yake raga muku da zai bi shawara ta da tuni nayi outttt daku, Nonsense".. 

          Codein tazuba acikin coke tafara shaa tana had'awa da Roci agaban Garban ba kunya (nayi salati nagode wa Allah, yara kanana da shayeshaye duniya ta 6aci Allah ka bamu yaya nagari)

     Shiga mota tayi ta tada ta danna horn da karfi mei gadi ya bud'e mata gate, fisgan motar tayi ta bar haraban dankareran gidan su, gudu take sharawa akan titi kamar na uban ta har takai wani Babban makaranta da aka rubuta CARE BAZE PRIVATE SCH,  tashiga tayi parking d'in motar ta, tafita a motar tana taku kamar hawainiya da hankali, ta wuce class direct 

    Tana shiga class aka fara ihun  "rude gurl, rude gurl" koh kulasu batayi ba ta zauna a seat dinta, ta cire wayar ta ajakar ta tayi posting hoton d'azu da ta d'auka a Instagram da Snap chat nan da nan tasamu kusan 2K likes, tana chating tana shan coke dinta.. 

       Ba'afi minti biyu ba malamin physics yashigo, aji yayi tsit kowa ya kama kansa, ya fara lecture yaji kas kas karan cingam (chewing gum), juyawa yayi yana kallon su d'aya bayan d'aya yace

“Who the hell is chewing gum in my class”
Daidai nan ta kara kakas da chewgum nata, kallo ya watsa mata ranshi yayi bala’in 6aciwa daman ya ki jinin yarinyan dan bata da tarbiya koh kad’an yace

Khairiya getout of my class”
Cigaba da cin cingum nata tayi kamar bata ji shiba
Tsawa ya kara daka mata yace “I said get outtt of my class you Moron”

    Tashiwa tayi ta d'auka roban coke nata wanda ta had'a da codein, ta d'au wayar ta, zuwa tayi dab kusa dashi, ta kallesa sama da kasa tace
 "U can send me out of your damn class but let me warn you, don't u ever i mean e--v-e-r call me a Moron u filthy fool"

Taja wani dogon tsoki ta fice a ajin, ajin ya d’au ihu ana cewa rude gurl rude gurl (wa’iya zubillah)

   Shiga motar ta tayi ta kuna ra6a (AC) tana jin music na lilwayne I feel like dying tana shan coke d'inta.... 

   Can bayan malamin physics ya fita ta dawo ajin ta zauna, bata kara tashiwa a ajin ba sanda aka tashi a makarantar, fisgan motar ta tayi ta wuce wata had'addiyar shopping mall

    Tana shiga tana cin cingum kamar irin tsofin yan bariki, ga codein yana aiki tana tafiya kamar zata fad'i ga wani baccin dayake fisgan ta (slow inji masu sha), bata san lokacin da ta buge wata tsohuwar mata ba duk suka fad'i har kasa.. 
 Khairiya tana tashiwa tace ke wace irin bahuwar tsohuwa ce, baki kallo neh ehh tsohuwa, ta fad'a da tsawa

 Mari taji mei rai da lafia akan kyakkyawan fuskar ta, aka kara mata wani marin, sanda aka wanke ta da mari lafiyayyu guda uku masu kyau yace
"Ke wace irin dabba ce, kinsha kwaya kin bugu shineh zaki bangaje mutum kuma kizo kina zagi"
Bud'e ido tayi ta kallesa mei kyau, ta nema baccin ma ta rasa, kallo ta bishi dashi tace 
"Who the hell are you da zaka ta6a lafiya ta, kasan ni yar wacece, Sunana *Khairiya Ibrahim Muhammad*, yarinyan *Alhaji Ibrahim Muhammad Fu'ad mai Naira*, ka ta6o bala'i da masifa, sai kayi regretting mari nah da kayi, wlhy koh kai d'an gidan waye neh"

Cire wayar ta tayi ta danna kira, ana picking tace ” ina Nedd Grocery kuzo nan da minti biyu” ta katse wayan
Tsohuwar matar nan sai cewa take wa yaron da suke tare ” Zil mu wuce ni na hakura tunda ka mare ta ai shikenan ka rama mini muje gida pls dan Allah “
Wanda tsohuwar takira da Zil yace “Haba Hajja kibari na koya mata hankali, yarinya ba tarbiya asaran haihuwa, tirrr wlhy na tausayawa iyayen ki”

"Kai neh iyayen ka sukayi asarar haihuwar ka bani ba, *You filthy wretch*" tofa masa miyau bakin ta tayi sai farar shaddan sa
 Bai san lokacin da ya jata waje ba suka bar mall d'in, yafara jibgan ta, duk kokarin ta dan ta rama amma inaa karfin su ba d'aya ba, mutaneh suka zo raba wa amma yaki barinta, ana cikin haka motoci guda uku suka tsaya, manya manyan karti neh, idon su ja bakin su bak'i, da wuk'a da adda suka fito wanda ya nuna tabbacin 'yan daba neh
Suna fita a cikin motar su suka hau kan saurayin wanda aka kira da *Zil* suka fara jibgan sa, sanda suka masa likis da duka jiki duk jini, kiran police akayi suna ganin police  suka hanzarta saka Khairiya a mota suka gudu

    Biyo mu
              Nana fa'ad En Eesha 

          07034419520   for corrections


[11/8, 9:27 PM] β€ͺ+234 814 173 3262‬: πŸ’•πŸ’•β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

   *[Sept, 2016]*

        Written by Nana fa'ad En Eesha😘

{Page 6~8}

     Har kofan gida suka kaita, bud'e zip na jakar ta tayi ta cire bundle na d'ari biyar ta mika musu, sai godiya suke mata suka hau motar su suka tafi, horn tayi da karfe aka bud'e mata gate tashiga, da kyar ta iya takawa zuwa falo tana d'ingishi dan tasha duka
  Tana shiga parlour ta baje akan kujera, masu aiki neh har uku suka zo kanta suna gaishe ta hajia Ina yini
 Koh amsawa batayi ba tace 

“Haule kije ki kawo ruwan zafi da towel” toh hajiya wanda aka kira da haule tabar wajen
Khairiya ta kara juyawa tace “Indo kunna mini TV ki mika mini remote” hakan kuwa Indo tayi
Sai ta kara juyawa wajen d’ayan mai aikin tace “Dije wani abinci kika dafa”
Dije tace abinda kikace na dafa da safe hajiya
Wani kallo khairiya ta watsa mata tace “da ban manta ba zan 6ata lokaci nah na tambaye ki neh very stupid mata kawai”
Dije ta durkusa har kasa tana cewa hajiya kiyi hakuri sauce na kwai da coconut rice na dafa
Wani dogon tsoki Khairiya taja sannan tace “toh yanxu banso na cishi, soya mini plantain sai ki had’a mini da pizza nah ki kawo mini”
Dije ta durkusa har kasa tace toh hajiya, Haule tazo da abun da Khairiya tace ta kawo ruwan zafi da towel
Khairiya ta tashi ta shiga d’akinta tacire uniform na makarantan ta tad’aura towel ta fito zuwa parlour, tacewa Haule
“Zoki matsa mini jiki”
Haule ta tsuguna tafara matsa mata da ruwan zafin, tagama ta shafa mata aboniki (man zafi), hajiya mei yasamei ki haka
Kallo Khairiya ta watsa mata tace “Ina ruwan ki dani, nifa bana son gulma, iyayen da suka haife ni ba mance wa dani sukayi ba, ke ina ruwan ki”
Haule sai hakuri take bata tana cewa hajiya kiyi hakuri dan Allah, tsoki khairiya taje tace “oya tashi ki bani wuri” Haule ta tashi tabar mata parlour
Kallon TV take a channel na Dubai sport suna nuna games da akeyi na Olympic Rio wanda akeyi a Brazil, wayan ta neh yafara ringing, screen d’in ta kura wa ido, number neh yake kiran ta amma ba code na nigeria baneh, tasan Abba baya Nigeria yana Qatar amma wannan ba code na Qatar baneh, d’aukan wayan tayi tasaka a loudspeeker ta ajiye a table na gaban ta tace
Dagacan 6angaren muryan wata mata neh mei zak’in gaske tace
“Baby nah yakike, ina ta trying number ki for the past sati biyu amma baya shiga”
Khairiya ta numfasa, tayi shuru na wasu second (dakikai) batace komai ba, matar takara cewa
“Daughter na bakya ji neh koh network naku bakyau”
Khairiya katse wayan tayi taja wani dogon tsoki, haka wayan yana ringing bata d’auka ba sai can daga baya ta d’aga wayan,ta saka a loudspeaker ta ajiye a cinyan ta, matar tace
“Hlo haba baby nah kiyi hakuri zanzo na duba ki very soon, your mum really miss you karki damu zanzo kinji baby”
Tun Khairiya na hawaye har ta fashe da kuka, matar nan tana jin kukan Khairiya tace
“No pls don’t cry baby nah, kiyi hakuri kinsan halin Alhaji bature baya bari nah sosai amma will have time nazo na duba ki I promise you, na miki alkawari kinji pls kidai na kuka, yanxu Ina Brazil kinsan ana Olympic games a wajen, Ina Abban ki”
Khairiya tana kuka tace “Ammi yanxu har mijin ki yafi miki akan ‘yarki na cikin ki, sai kiyi sati biyu, uku wata d’aya ba tare da kin kirani ba, kiyi shekara bakizo dubani ba, dan Allah kar ki sake kirana ma na hakura” ta katse wayar
Wani kuka ta fashe dashi, sanda tayi mai isarta tayi shuru, kwalawa Haule kira tayi, Haule tazo ta durkusa a gabanta tace hajiya gani

Khairiya tace “Haule yau wace rana”

Haule tace “Hajiya yau Alhamis”
Khairiya tace “ke ni bansan miki wani Alhamis ba idan zaki mini da yaren da zan ganeh toh “
Haule ta durkusa tace “Hajia kiyi hakuri yau Thursday”
Mtsew shineh sai kin 6ata wa mutum lokaci, shiga ciki ki d’aukan mini hijabi nah da Qur’ani nah yau malamin nan zaizo nayi sallah na koya hadda, kuma kicewa Dije idan bata kawo abincin nan a minti d’aya ba toh abakin aikin ta, very lazy people kawai

   Can da daddare bayan Sallah isha'i malam Ali yazo, shineh malamin da yake kara mata Qur'an, tun da tazo duniya bata ta6a ganin mutumin da take shakkan sa kamar Mallam Ali ba, ita kanta abun mamaki yake bata, idan yakara mata karatu zama take tsakanin ta da Allah dan ganin ta haddace, bayan yazo ta basa hadda yamata karen karatu ya tafi, tana shiga d'akin ta taga wayan ta yana ringing, Swt Abba a rubuce akan screen d'in, da sauri ta d'auka tana murmushi tace
"My swt Abba, yaushe zaka dawo ina missing naka" tana fad'a tana tura bakin ta

Yace kar ki damu Mamata very soon zanzo, gobe zanbar Qatar zanje Cuba akwai wani meeting da nake dashi a wajen
Khairiya tace “gaskia Abba nagaji da zama ni kad’ai kayi aure kuma kaki”
“Kar ki damu Mamata ina zuwa sai ki nemo mini matan aure kinji” Toh daddy tana dariya
Abban yakara cewa “Mamata yaushe zaku fara Exams”
“Abba zamuyi jamb Next 2weeks (sati biyu), Waec da Neco ma zamu fara wata mei zuwa
Abba yace “Yawwa Mamata kiyi karatu kinji, hope dai Mallam Ali yana zuwa”
“Eh yana zuwa Abba”
“Yawwa Mamata kiyi karatu kinji, zuwa sati uku zan dawo, take care”

Khairiya tace " ok dad" ta katse wayan, d'aukan Qur'ani tayi dan koya haddan da Mallam Ali yamata d'azu, ita a rayuwar ta bata ta6a zuwa islamiya ba, bata san komai ba sai Qur'an da Tajwid, bata san komai akan su Fiqh da Hadisai ba da sauran littatafai (yan uwa kar muce Qur'ani ya ishemu yana da kyau musan sauran littattafai is very important)

 Bayan nan tahau gadonta ta karanta fatiha, iklas, falaq, nas, da ayatul kursiyu tashafa ajikinta takwanta bacci, wayan ta neh yafara ringing, yatayar da ita daga baccin tana dubawa  taga number da d'azu Ammi takira ta dashi ne kin d'agawa tayi tacigaba da baccinta. 

   Nana fa'ad En Eesha😘


[11/8, 9:27 PM] β€ͺ+234 814 173 3262‬: πŸ’•πŸ’•β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

   *[Sept, 2016]*

        Written by Nana fa'ad En Eesha😘

{Page 9~10}

 Da asuba ta tashi tayi sallah, ta d'au Qur'ani ta biya karatun jiya, bayan ta gama ta tashi taje fridge ta d'auka totolin ta shanye tas ta d'auka Roci ta tsosa, akasa ta zube tafara bacci kamar ba gobe sai kusan karfe takwas Haule tazo ta tashe ta

“Hajiya ki tashi ki shirya zakiyi lattin makaranta”

Khairiya tace cikin bacci "yanxu karfe nawa neh"

“Takwas hajiya, umm yi hakuri eight O’clock (8:00)
Khairiya batasan lokacin da ta tashi ba, cire kayan ta tafara agaban Haule, tace
“Haule cire mini uniform nawa, ki saka mini burger biyo da coke biyu a mota, socks nawa da takalmi na duk ki cire ki ajiye mini”
Tana fad’a ta shiga toilet tayi wanka cikin minti biyar tafito, mai ta shafa ta saka uniform nata, zama tayi tana shafa powder (huda) Haule kuma tana saka mata socks da takalmi a kafarta, bayan tagama tace Haule fito mini da jakata mota, takwas da rabi ta shiga mota ta zauna a ownest corner, d’aukan burger tayi tafara ci tana jiran driver yaja ta har tayi minti d’aya bataga driver ba

 Fita tayi a motar tana ihun kiran Imran, amma shuru, dattijon nanne Garba yace 

“Hajiya sai hakuri wlhy baiji sauki baneh shiyasa yau ma baizo ba”
Khairiya ta juya ta harare shi taja wani dogon tsoki tace
“Toh abakin aikin sa, kar na kara ganin sa a gida nah, nonsense” Garba na rokonta amma ku tsaya sauraran sa batayi ba
Shiga motar ta tayi ta fisga, kamar kullum tana gudu akan titi dan ita sam bata iya driving mota a hankali ba cikin minti takwas ta isa makaranta, karfe takwas maigadi yake rufe gate amma ita tana zuwa zai bud’e mata a kowani lokaci dan yasan halinta bata da mutunci kuma tana basa kud’i sosai

     Shigan ta class malamin Biology neh a ciki, Corper neh (d'an bautan kasa)daga Imo state, sunan sa Christopher amma ana kiran sa da Corper Chris 

    Shiga tayi ba koh excuse,taku takeyi kamar batason taka kasa, kallo ya bita dashi sama da kasa yana had'e miyau, ya dakatar da ita yace

“Hea you, why do you come late”
Tana tafiya tace masa

Kallon mamaki yamata yace ” what’s your name” yana tambayar sunan ta
Sanda ta zauna akan kujeran ta tabaje kan tace

” Kim”

 Yace "what type of name is this"
 Batare da ta kalle shi ba tace "Meaning Khairiya Ibrahim Muhammad, my friends call me Kim that's in  shortcut"
  Yana lashe le6a yace "Kim Met me after class"

Ko ansa masa batayi ba, yana koyarwa tana d’an joter wa, dan Jamb saura sati biyu, bayan an tashi a makaranta aka basu hutu sai bayan Jamb su dawo, zata shiga motar ta kenan sai ga Corper Chris yace
“What happen i’ve been waiting for you in my office”
(ya baki zo office nawa ba ina ta jiranki)

Khairiya kallon kama raina ni ta masa tace

“Nincompoop kawai”she mumbled, ta fad’a a hankali kan tasake cewa
“ni zanje na sameka a office, Allah sawwaka, just tell me your problem now banda time da zan samei ka a office”
Ba abun da yaji sai just tell me your problem, abun bai masa dad’i ba amma she’s too hot to ignore bazai iya barin taba, yana murmushi yace
“Amm I just wanna say you are Hot”
Tsoki taja ta kallesa sama da kasa tace
“I know m HOT, u don’t have to say it”
Corper Chris yana lashe baki yace
“Emm I want you to come to my house, so that we can catch some Fun”
Sarai tasan mei yake nufi, tufar da miyau tayi ta kalle sa, kallon tsana tace
“Kai amma Allah ya’isa tsakani na da kai, ni mazan larabawa da Indiya wa ma basa burgeni balle kai inyamuri, kama cuce ni ka raina ni wlhy, bari zan koya maka hankali” ta fad’a tana murmushi



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