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Story and written by
AISHA HUMAIRA (daddy’s girl)

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, da sunan Allah me rahama me jinkai, Allah yakara tsira da aminci ga shugabanmu Annabi muhammadu salallahu alaihi wassalam.
Bayan haka bazan gajiba da mika gaisuwata da godiya ga yan uwa da abokan arziki, da suka bibiyeni a littafi na farko, Alhamdilillah yanzuma gani na dawo domin kawo muku kashi na biyu, nagode da kulawarku, ku biyoni domin jin yadda zata kaya a cikin wannan littafi naku me farin jini.
Banyarda a juyamin littafi ba ko amfani da wani bangare ba tareda izinina ba.
Domin gyara, shawara ko sharhi, za a iya tuntubata akan what’s app number dina
Gmail @ www.humaira17@gmail.com Facebook @ real humaira


Jeje bude baki yayi yana kallon Hannah, dan yarasa meze ce mata, Hannah takuma kallon Jeje, ta nunashi da key din motarta
“wannan itace magana ta karshe dazanyi da kai, nidaku dan halak ka fasa, kome zefaru sena mallaki Jalal, indai na amsa sunana Hannah” daga nan ta dauki Jakarta tai gaba abunta. Dukan tabur jeje yayi da karfi, yasa kafa yai ball da tebur din “Why, ya haka ya za a yi abubuwa su lalacemin haka, akwai matsala muddin Hannah tace zata aikata abunda ta fada. Mukullin tasa motar ya dauka shima ya bar gurin.
Jalal yana gama cin Abincin sa ya mike yana hutawa, anata kiransa ana masa bangajiya, wayarsa yadakko, IG yashiga yana shiga yaci karo da hotunan birthday dinsa, abunda ya bashi mamaki, hotunan shida Jalila yafi yawa, shi akafi yadawa, fitowa yayi yakoma what’s app still status din mutane hotunan ne suke yawo, shiru yayi ya kurawa hotunan ido, wani hotonsu ya tsaya akai yana kallo, yanda ta dan zumbura baki tana kallonsa, shikuma yana dariya, tsaki yayi “kalleta dan Allah se tsabar iya rashin kunya, shi mamaki yake yadda akayi tai mugun rainashi sam bata shakkarsa, kaman ba yarinyar dasuka dinga wasa da ita a zanin goyo ba, yan uwan sa mazama tsoronsa sukeji amma banda wannaan yarinyar, zuwa wani dan lokaci ya kashe wayar, ze ajiye kiran Jeje ya shigo wayarsa, kaman kar ya daga, seda ta kusa katsewa sannan ya daga
“hey man kana inane?”
“me zakayi min kake nemana?”
“ina wajene ina jiranka” “wajen ina kenan?” “kofar gidanku mana” “ok ina zuwa” Jalal ya duba yaga Jawwad yana toilet dan haka kawai ya fito, yana fita yaga motar Jeje a kofar gidansu, karasawa yayi ya tsaya bece komai ba, jeje ya fito yana wata shu’umar dariya da wannan katuwar muryartasa yace “man of the day, our celebrity yane?”
“Normal, mukarasa cikin gida” Jalal ya fada a takaice, yaiwa Jeje jagora zuwa part dinsa, suna zuwa Jeje yanemi guri ya zauna, Jalal yaje fridge ya dakko wa Jeje ruwa da lemo, ya hada da giya ya aje masa, Jeje ya dan kalli Jalal yace “J man, ya gajiyar jiya”
“gajiya tabi lafiya” “good wai ya akayi ka bar gurin nan jiya, ban san ka tafi ba?” Jalal ya danyi shiru yana tunani sannan yace “gaskiya i can’t recall, Hannah tabani wayne jiya, bansan meyakuma faruwa ba, ban san ya akayi na dawo gidaba, na tambayi Jawwad ma yace min ba shi yakawoni gida ba, i think ansamun wani abu a giyar nan. Dan zare ido Jeje yayi, dayaji statement din Jalal na karshe amma ya maze yace “anyway but J man, akwai wata cute baby da pictures dinku suke yawo social media, tagama haduwa babyn nan, nifa tayimin wallahi, inaso insata a harka”
“wace yarinya kenan?” Jalal ya tambayeshi a takaice, Jeje ya zaro wayarsa ya nunawa Jalal hoton Jalila, tareda fadin “wallahi Jalal komai yaji ajikin yarinyar nan, zanso tayi joining insata a layi, zata kawo harka, maganar tama kawai abar sha’awa ce komai nata na birgewa ne, gaskiya ta hadu”
Wani mugun hade rai Jalal yayi, ya kalli Jeje a fusace yace “Are you out of your sense, wai kai bunsurun inane da duk inda kaga mace jikinka har rawa yake, let me warn you, Wallahi3 na rantse maka, muddin wani abu yasameta sena daureka, kasan wacece? Kanwar Jawwad ce, yarinyar da yakeso, danme zaka dinga wannan kazamin maganar akanta, karka kuma fadin wani magana akanta kota arziki kota sharri akanta, wannan yarinyar ba irin jakan matan dazaka iya nasarar lalatawa bane, kaji na gaya maka take your leave now “ya nunawa Jeje hanyar fita, wani irin kallo Jeje yaiwa Jalal, amma seya daidaita nutsuwarsa yace” is ok j man bansan abunda ke tsakaninku bane, ashe kanwar kace, na dena bazan kuma ba kayi hakuri “
” Naji amma for now tashi kabani guri, raina yagama baci, tashi ka tafi” ba musu jeje ya mike ya fita.
Da Jawwad yafito yaga Jalal ya tafi, kawai se shima yafito, yaga Jalila cikin flours dinta tana gyarawa, ya fuskanci tanason furanni, a hankali ya karasa inda take ya zauna, ta waigo ta kalleshi, tai murmushi “Allah yatemaki yayana na kaina” Jawwad yai murmushi yace “Ameen yar baby, ya meyasa kikeson furanni ne?” “nima ban saniba, kawai dai ina sonsu ne, na gidanmu a kaduna nasan sunyi missing dina, in bana nan ummi ke kularmun dasu” sekuma tai shiru idonta yacika da kwalla, Jawwad ya nisa sannan yace “am sorry, nagane kidena damuwa kinji kicigaba da addu a muna kan nemanta har yanzu” gyada masa kai tayi tareda murmushi, yace “Yawwa babyn Yayanta” yasa hannu a aljihunsa ya dakko chocolate yabata, hannu tasa ta karba tana murmushi, tareda kokarin maida hawayenta, tai murmushi tace “Nagode Ustaz” “yaukuma nine ustaz” “Eh mana” sukayi dariya gaba daya, Jawwad yace “yawwa baby, nace wai me yafarune jiya? Ya akayi manu ya kawo Jalal gida, dazu yake tambayata ya akayi ya dawo gida” Jalila tai ajiyar zuciya tace “Hannah ce ta kaishi wani guri suka bashi wani abu, naga yafita hayyacinsa, tasaka wani yaimata gadinsa ta tafi tana waya, kawai naji ban yadda da itaba, shine na dauke hankalin wanda tasa gadinsa nasa Manu ya daukeshi ya kaishi gida” shiru Jawwad yai na dan lokaci sannan yace “thank you for your contribution my dear, hakika kintemake shi, maybe akwai abunda sukeson yi masa, narasa meyasa Jalal yakasa gane basa kaunarsa, anyway mungode sosai Baby Amma ya akayi kikasan Hannah”?
“A a, ban santa ba agurin naji ana fadar sunanta, Yaya Jawwad no need kaimin godiya fa, manta kawai, amma akwai wani abu da nagani yabani mamaki”
“Mekika gani?”
“Wannan mutumin na rannan, da ya dinga zagin Jalal, dan kun gaisa da dansa, shima fa yaje gurin nan, abunda yakara bani mamaki shida wannan Jejen naga suna magana, shiyasa nace maka shima yana kama da yan shaye2”
“Anya kuwa shi kika gani, maybe kamace kawai, bana zaton baban Faruk a irin wannan gurin, saboda yanada tsatstsauran ra’ayi, kece dai kike masa kallon ba mutumin kirki ba “
“Yaya kenan shikenan tunda baka yadda ba, magariba tayi bari inje inyi salla”
“to shikenan, dan Allah anjima ki dafo mana wannan tea din naki me dadi”
“Hmmm yayana kwadayayye kawai” “ke kika koyamin kwadayin ai” tai murmushi ta mike ta tafi cikin gida, Jawwad kuma ya fita masallaci.
Tunda Jeje yafita yake zancen zuci “lallai tunda Jalal yaketa masifa akan yarinyar nan to ba karamin matsayi take dashi a gurinsu ba, lallai dama tazomin akan wannan fitsararriyar yarinyar zan jefi tsuntsu biyu da dutse daya” Jeje ya kyalkyale da dariya, sekuma ya hade rai daya tuno da maganganun Hannah, dakuma abunda Jalila ta gaya masa ranar birthday din Jalal, “muje zuwa yan mata mu daku zanga wazeyi nasara”



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