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In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful


Zara-zaran yatsun hannunta wanda suke sanye da zobina masu matukar kyan gaske da d’aukar hankali ,idona ya soma hangowa sanadiyyar motsa hannun da take tana juya stearing tana Ι—an kad’asu lokaci-lokaci saboda wak’ar dake tashi a cikin Motar, tare da fitar sautin siriryar muryarta me dadin saurara.
‘I don’t care who you are, where you from what you did as long as you love me’. sautin dake tashi kenan a cikin motar na Back Street Boys wanda take marming kamar ita tayi shi.
yayinda a hankali take motsa lips dinta kamar batason motsasu, gefe guda kuma zuciyarta ke bugawa da matsanancin karfin gaske wanda ta rasa dalili faruwar haka tun safe ta tsinci kanta cikin tsanani faduwar gaba ..

Shiru motar baka jin sautin komai sai na qarar sautin wakar dake tashi a hankali ta Ι—auki hanyar TANWER HOSPITAL dake Ikeja in side …

Kyakkyawar yarinya ce ajikin farko siririya mara kiba mai kyakkyawar fuska dake Ι—auke da siririn hancin Kamar an zana mata shi ,mai dara daran idanu dake zagaye da gashin ido da gira , ba’a iya ganin kwayar idannunta saboda Black sunglass dake sanye a face dinta ita ba fara bace haka Kuma ba za’a kirata da baka ba chocolate colour ce me kyan gaske kamar ita tayi kanta dan rashin kibarta qara mata kyau yayi adalilin dukiyar fulaninta dake cike bam da qirjinta ,yanayin fatar jikinta kawai zaka kalla kasan daga irin gidan data fito dan asalin kamala ta ya’yan masu arziki sun zauna mata ajiki babu karya ,kayan jikinta kuwa tun daga kan rigar jikinta takalminta handbag har zuwa kan agogon dake d’aure a tsintsiyar hannunta tsadaddun gaske ne ..

Lokaci guda sautin Motar ya sauya ‘Cardi! Cardi!……wooo Leave a bitch alone….’ da sauri ta dannah receive batare data kallah wanda ke calling d’in nata ba.

“Tan Baby”. Da sauri jin me kiran nata yasa ta kalla inda wayar ke ajiye tare da yatsina fuskarta sannan ta kai hannu ta Ι—auki bluetooth ta manna a kunneta ta cigaba da tuki batare da tayi magana ba .
“Kina ina? “Ya tambaya cikin low voice kamar yana ganinta.
Tabe ‘yan kananun lips d’inta tayi tana yatsina fuska sannan tace “Why?”. Ta tambaya cike da jin haushin tambayar daya mata tana kara tsura ma wayar ido , ya sauke ajiyar zuciya kamar yana kallonta.

Batare data ankara ba steary d’in hannunta ya kubce mata sai ji tayi Motar ta yi wani irin juyi , kasa controlling d’in steary din tayi take motar tayi kan wani matashi wanda yake shirin tsallakawa. “Move aside move aside!”. Abunda take iya nanatawa kenan tuni glasses din dake manne da idannunta ya cire batare data ankare ba.
Idannunta ya firfito waje shima ita yake kallo yana kokarin janyewa yana daga mata hannu alamun ta kauce cikin rashin sa’a saida ta dan goge shi sannan ta tafi ta bugi wani gini dake gefe.

“Innalillahi!”. Kalmar daya furta kenan yana kallonta wacce tuni kanta ya bugu da steary din tare da samun makwanci akai.
da sauri yayi kanta ya bude murfin dake gefenta. “Baiwar Allah baiwar Allah! Ya fada cikin rude’wa ganin jinin dake diga daga goshinta tana kallonshi tana lumshe ido alamun tana so ta mishi magana, amma ina tuni idannunta suka rufe ta kasa aiwatar da komai , tunda yake bai taba ganin macen data mishi kyau ba irin ta, kallonta kawai yake baya ko kifta idanunshi yana jin zallar bacin rai na ratsashi “ko tunanin me take da har take Ζ™oΖ™arin ganganci da rayuwata da tashi rayuwar ? a hankali ya ja tsaki yana furzar da iska mai zafi .
“Hello! Hello!! Hello Tan!!! Talk to me baby me yasa kikai shiru? Are you alright?”. Duk na cikin wayar ke wannan surutan kyakywan matashin dake tsugune gefenta ne yaji wadan nan tambayoyin bai bada amsa ba inda yasa hannu ya shiga kiciniyar cire seat belt din dake zagaye a jikinta dan a samu a bata taimakon gaggawa.

“Bawan Allah kasanta ne?”. ‘Daya daga cikin jama’ar da suke tsaye a gun ya tambayeshi.
Girgiza kai kawai yayi yana Ζ™oΖ™arin taimaka mata har yayi nasarar ciro ta da taimakon wasu daga cikin mutanen dake tsaye a gun suka sata a keke naphep dan ta samu taimakon gaggawa sun so ya bisu akaita asibiti amma yaki sai ma ciro wayarta da da yayi, ya basu koda za’a kirata. ya rufe mata motar , ya bude jakarta domin saka key din motar a cikin nan idanunshi suka ci karo da ID card d’inta batare da bata lokaci ba yayiwa mutane bayani “da alamun malamar likitanci ce ya mika musu jakar sannan ya Ι—auke kyawawan idanunshi akanta ya saukesu akan wrist watch din dake daure a tsintsiyar hannunsa it was 9:00 pm dot tsaki ya ja sannan ya kama gabansa saboda kiran gaggawa daya samu ya shiga motarsa jikinsa a matukar sanyaye yana mamaki yadda mutane suke careles da rayuwarsu tana tuki tana waya ya sake jan tsaki ..

Kai tsaye asibiti dake rubuce ajikin ID card d’inta suka nufa daita batare da bata lokaci ba likitoci suka soma bata taimakon gaugauwa mafi yawan mutane dake tsaye akanta abokan aikinta ne waΙ—an da ke karkashinta rike da faranti silver wanda malaman lafiya ke amfani dashi bayan an gama bata kulawa duk suka watse suka barta dan ta samu huta.

Tafita kaΙ—an yayi ya karaso gidansa dake magodo estate yayi hon a bakin tangamemen get din gidan mai gadi ya bude masa get da sauri ya sanya hancin motarsa kai tsaye inda aka tanada domin ajiye motoci ya nufa yayi parking ya kashe motar ya fito ,fitowarsa ke wuya kananan yaransa suka shiga kawo masa gaisuwa hannu kawai yake daga musu yana tafiya batare daya tsaya ba , a babban parloun’nsa ya iske abokan aikinsa kuma manya aminansa suna zaune zaman jiransa ,kallo Ι—aya yayi musu ya dauke kanshi ya shiga d’akinsa wanda ya tsaru matuka kamar irin dakunan ya’yan turawa ,kana kallon d’akin kasan mammalakinsa mutun ne mai natsuwa , dan komai a tsare yake sannan duk abun amfaninsa na ajiye a mazauninsa very neat, haka zalika gadonsa a gyare yake da had’ad’d’en zanin gado mai matukar kyau da Ι—aukar ido , kamshi turare jikinsa dana airfreshner ne haΙ—e da sanyi ac ke wa duk wanda ya shiga dakin tarba na musamman ,
komai nashi a tsabtace yake kasancewarsa mai tsananin tsafta baya son duk inda zai shiga yaji wari sannan baya son shaΖ™ar wani abu sabanin kamshi duk cikin ya’yan dakinsu ya kere kowa agurin tsafta haΙ—e da kamala da natsuwa uwa uba kyau , domin shine ya tattara asalin kyawun iyayensa yana karasa shiga bedroom dinsa ya cire rigar dake sanye ajikinsa yana kallon inda motar yarinyar ya goge shi ya kai hannu ya shafa haΙ—e da furta “ashhhhhhh sannan ya shiga bayi yana jan farin towel, lumshe idanunshi yayi saboda shi kanshi bayin ya tsaru iya tsaruwa ko’ina a bushe tamkar wani bil’adama baya amfani dashi tsayawa fadar tsaruwansa ma bata lokaci ne .

Ruwa ya sakarwa jikinsa yana mai lumshe kyawawan idanunshi waΙ—an da suka wadatu da zara zaran gashi gira dana ido , a hankali zuciyarsa ke samun natsuwa saboda ruwan dake sauka a sansar jikinsa ,yayinda gefe guda kuma zuciyarsa na tariyo masa shirinsu na gobe ,duk sanda zasu fita aiki sai ya tsinci kanshi cikin tsananin farinciki saboda nasarar da yake samu ,bai taba shirya aiki batare daya samu nasara ba ,duk runtsi duk wuya duk gumurzu da za’a yi haka zai yi nasara tare da aminansa ,wani kyakkyawan murmushi ne ya subuce masa wanda shi kansa yasan na nasarar da yake samu ne a rayuwarsa ,cikin kankanin lokaci ya gama wanka ya fito yana goge sansar jikinsa da karamin whit towel dake rike a hannunsa ,
shiryawa yayi cikin wasu kananan kaya marasa nauyi black niker da blsck shirt ,ya feshe ilahirin jikinsa da turare sannan ya fito zuwa inda abokansa suke ..



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